ANNA’s debuting on the mighty Afterlife with her track ‘Spectral’. Was a highlight of Tale of US’ set at the recent Afterlife party in Barcelona and features on the new ‘Realm of Consciousness Pt.I.V’ compilation. Track leads into her debut at Afterlife in Ibiza on 22 August.

She’s written a quote about how ‘Spectral’ came to life.

Spectral’ came after a very relaxed session in the studio without any pressure of deadlines, or expectations of releasing on a certain label. I was just playing around. When the track was almost finished, I had the feeling it was missing something. I was experimenting with Microbute and running it through some modules from Eurorack. When i ran it through Ultrafold the arpeggio melody came up and I had a thought it could be something that would fit with Afterlife, but it was just a thought and I continued with the track. A year after I finished, it’s really nice it found its way to the label. I almost released ‘Spectral; on another imprint, but somehow it ended up on Afterlife. It was meant to happen.

ANNA’s ‘Spectral’ is out now as part of the ‘Realm of Consciousness I.V‘ compilation on Afterlife