Avin Dreamer, the acclaimed singer-songwriter, has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide with his heartfelt compositions. Known for his mesmerizing tracks like “Other Side,” “Heartbeat,” “Someone Like You,” “We Will Fight,” and “Immature,” Avin’s music has resonated on a global scale.

Beginning his musical journey at the tender age of 16, Avin immersed himself in the art of guitar playing, songwriting, and singing. While working in Dubai’s vibrant music scene, he honed his skills by captivating audiences in bars and venues, continuously refining his craft in music production.

Inspired by Western music, his debut EP “Adios Ole Friend” showcased his talents and set the stage for his remarkable career. With a collection of releases, including fan favorites like “Goodbyes,” “Season,” “Traveller,” and his latest masterpiece, “Best of Me,” Avin Dreamer continues to captivate listeners with his melodic compositions and genuine storytelling.

A spellbinding summer song that will transport you to a place of pure bliss. Imagine being in a car, with your lover, as the captivating melodies of this track fill the air. From the very first notes, “Best of Me” will whisk you away on a journey of intense emotion, reminding you of the boundless power of love. – AVIN DREAMER