Carl Cox and Cristopher Coe, who’ve shared the goal of keeping the joy and soul of the dancefloor alive, are teaming up to bring new label Awesome Soundwave to life, which is focused on releasing electronic producers that perform purely and only live.

The idea is to create a feeling of immersion into the landscape while highlighting the juxtaposition of scenery verses in an industrial space. The music will be the connecting element that will bridge the gap. Ahead of the release of the upcoming album in May, there will be an EP from one of the tracks (Headland) by 4 remixers: Reinier Zonneveld, Fabio Neural, Robin Kampschoer and Sly Faux.

Christopher Coe’s original track was also recently featured at Carl Cox’s BBC 1 Essential Mix, confirming the birth of their new joint label ASW (Awesome Soundwave).