Israel Kimchi is back with another another mind blowing Dj FilmSet, Israel Kimchi is a Dj, Drummer, Producer who is combining deejay skills with drumming. Not long ago he started filming a Series Of Live Dj Sets. Live sessions under the name “Dj FilmSet”.

Today we have pleasure and opportunity to see him playing and performing live 19 min. combining Techno and House music on top of a Tel-Aviv Azrieli Roof Top.

“This Time I Decided To Step Out Of My Studio And Film Outside In The Open Air.It Was A Big Challenge For Me. Producing And Making It Happen Was Much More Complicated Then Before…And I’m So Happy For That”Israel Kimchi

To wrap things up at the end of the live filmset Israel Kimchi include his own original track named No Other Thing collaboration with Asaf Almog

1. Silence – Delerium, Sarah McLachlan, Dark Matter (ISR)
2. Sleepless – Pan-Pot, Stephan Bodzin (Stephan Bodzin Remix)
3. Khazad Dum – (Colyn)
4. Ruba – Cherry (UA)
5. Chrome – Layton Giordani
6. Harmed – Fideles
7. No Other Thing – Israel Kimchi & Asaf Almog

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