Do Not Duplicate Recordings, renowned for a string of immensely successful releases over the last year featuring a roster of burgeoning talents such as Valy Mo, Galo, Zodiac, Max Low, and more, takes great pleasure in announcing the forthcoming arrival of their highly anticipated annual compilation album, ‘Unlocked Vol. 9’. Crafted with meticulous care under the visionary stewardship of label impresario BIJOU, this compilation serves as a definitive testament to the distinct sonic identity and forward-thinking artistic direction championed by DND Recs, firmly establishing their prominence within the contemporary house music landscape. Each track within the compilation possesses an unmistakable and singular essence, while simultaneously emanating a collective atmosphere of optimism and invigorating dynamism. As the summer season unfolds, the release of this compilation promises to deliver a myriad of standout tracks. Ensuring an unforgettable musical experience for every listener, ‘Unlocked Vol. 9’ is out now via Do Not Duplicate Recordings.

Unveiling a testament to BIJOU’s impeccable curation, ‘Unlocked Vol. 9’ stands as an embodiment of house music’s evolution, seamlessly weaving together unique sonic qualities and textures, all while shining a spotlight on the extraordinary prowess of the rising stars within the realm of dance music. This remarkable compilation showcases 10 original tracks, each a masterpiece in its own right, meticulously crafted by emerging artists including Jakeshoredrive, Gold Lemonade, Jace Mek, Rumpus, and more. With a fusion of innovative sounds and visionary artistry, ‘Unlocked Vol. 9’ marks an extraordinary milestone in the journey of contemporary music.

Embarking upon an enchanting journey, the compilation sets its foundation with a captivating composition that effortlessly sweeps away concerns and unlocks the boundless freedom within: “No Stress” by the talented Jace Mek. Radiating an ethereal aura akin to a vibrant underground enclave, this entrancing record skillfully employs gritty synth techniques and propulsive cadences to create an immersive sonic landscape that unequivocally resonates with dancers and encapsulates the very essence of the dancefloor experience. Elevating the compilation to greater heights, Rumpus and Kxne join forces to deliver a transcendent anthem that explores the exhilarating realms of surrender: “Good NRG”. This captivating composition ignites a euphoric energy that transports your body to a new dimension, resonating with a vibrant and transformative vibration.

“As a young kid, the emotions I felt while listening to electronic music were unlike any others. I always felt comfortable, energetic, and stress-free. This is a song I made based off of my childhood, dancing around, pretending to perform for thousands of people.”Jace Mek

“When I first wrote this tune I could hear exactly the sound of the vocal and voice I wanted for it playing over and over in my head. I went hunting all over the internet searching out the right person to bring the track to life. As soon as I heard Kxne’s voice from some other work he’d done, I knew right away I found my guy! I Dm’d him and within a couple days he sent the vocals over and the song all came together – Good NRG was born.”Rumpus

Unparalleled in its captivating allure, Zack Darza’s “Just Wanna” masterfully ushers listeners into the sun-kissed ambiance of a scorching summer day at the beach with his horn-infused opus. Enlivened by the presence of resounding hi-hats, a brisk BPM, and tropical instrumentation, “Just Wanna” effortlessly stirs an innate desire for movement, invoking a profound sense of inner rhythm. Jakeshoredrive and Jenny Voss unite forces to transport listeners deep into the core of a Chicago warehouse with their remarkable creation, “Dreamin’.” Drawing inspiration from the distinctive realms of G-House and tech-house, this pulsating anthem envelopes its audience in an immersive experience, exuding an undeniable authenticity.

Nadia and Dasha ignite the musical landscape with their scorching composition, “Hit Them”, a quintessential addition to any discerning playlist. This formidable track seamlessly merges an unyielding bassline with high-octane percussive elements, culminating in a breathtaking sonic experience that demands attention “Disco Tech” by Gold Lemonade & Parlanto transports listeners to the heart of a clandestine European rave. With its funk-infused bassline, rhythmic hi-hats, captivating vocal sample, and buoyant chord progression, this track stands as a testament to the seamless stylistic finesse displayed by Gold Lemonade and Parlanto.

“Me and Nadia have been bouncing ideas off each other for a while now! Since we are across the world from each other it took us a while to come together to make this dirty tech banger but after lots of back and forth and sleepless night we present to you “HIT ‘EM”!”Dashi

“Since the first day we linked up, we really liked each others work and vibe, so it was only normal to start a collaboration. Disco Tech is the perfect blend of our styles : groovy bass, punchy drums and catchy vocals. This is our recipe and we all know French chefs got that gourmet touch”Gold Lemonade

Prepare to surrender to the irresistible rhythms of “A$$” by Freddy Lane, an explosive anthem that compels listeners to hit the dancefloor. This infectious banger treats the ears to an unforgettable vocal loop enhanced by lively cowbell accents, exuding an energy that simply cannot be ignored. With its exhilarating topline and invigorating bassline, “Lazer” by Ben Willo follows,leaving an indelible mark on the sonic landscape. From start to finish, this composition radiates pure vibes that will captivate listeners, seamlessly blending an iconic melody with high-energy bass.

“Shake your ass, don’t stop. In all seriousness, A$$ was one of the first house tracks I ever created. When I heard the vocal, I literally wanted to make a track where you couldn’t help but dance when you heard it. A$$ embodies the high energy of the Fredy Lane brand and undoubtedly gets you up on your feet. What else can you really ask for in a good tech house track?
I’m extremely excited to finally release this track, especially with DND Records. I remember the day I launched Fredy Lane on social media, my opening video introducing the brand had A$$ in it. Immediately Bijou slid into my DMs and asked for the extended version and a week later, it was played on the DND radio show on Sirius XM. Bijou was one of the first artists to support and believe in my project, and I wouldn’t rather be releasing this record with anyone else. Now put in your headphones, turn it up, and shake that ass.”
Freddy Lane

As we near the pinnacle of this exceptional compilation, we are greeted by Avenue’s enthralling offering, “Run It”. With an unwavering commitment to igniting the senses, Avenue infuses this track with an exhilarating surge of raw energy, gritty synths and powerful vocal elements. Rounding out this remarkable collection, we encounter the euphoric collaboration of IILO and BVRRN with “Don’t Let Me Down,” infusing the compilation with a sublime fusion of melodious string arrangements and a soul-stirring topline. The drop of this composition transcends listeners into a realm of unbridled bliss, evoking a nostalgic tapestry of emotions that reverberate with cherished memories of dancing beneath the radiant sun.

Do Not Duplicate Recordings label head BIJOU has firmly cemented himself as a trailblazer in the dance music industry. Consistently demonstrating the resilience and aptitude required to make a lasting impact, positioning himself as an influential figure for emerging talent. His imprint, DND Recs, has served as a nurturing platform for aspiring talents, providing a launchpad for numerous releases and celebrated “Unlocked” compilation albums that feature a diverse array of artists, including Kendoll, Blossom, Nostalgix, FETISH, and many more. The latest installment in the “Unlocked” series, showcases DND Recs impeccable curation skills, bringing fresh, exciting talent to the forefront of the dance music scene.

These exceptional tracks serve as true masterpieces that unify the entire compilation with their seamless cohesion and artistic prowess. Together, they create a fully immersive listening experience, delivering a sonic journey that resonates with unparalleled depth and impact. With its diverse and captivating selection of songs, “Unlocked Vol. 9” is poised to ignite the enthusiasm of music lovers across the spectrum. Regardless of their preferred genres, listeners will be enthralled by the remarkable talent showcased in this album. Do Not Duplicate Recordings dedication to fostering emerging artists and his masterful curation have culminated in an extraordinary musical experience that is bound to leave an indelible mark on the industry and resonate with audiences worldwide.