Enzo Siragusa releases five alternative cuts from his Decade of Rave double album project, entitled The Lost Dubs. All lean towards the FUSE label head’s darker taste, and darker side of production.

It’s no secret that Enzo takes a significant amount of inspiration from his formative years immersed in London’s invigorating Jungle, Drum n Bass, and Hardcore scene of the early 90s. A dance floor you’d not only find yourself encased in music on but feel it from your core. When in the studio, Enzo strives to emulate that feeling which you’ll heavily hear through the FUSE back catalogue, and when on the dance floor during his sets.

“Across the five years of making the music that eventually came together as my debut albums, my influence came from decades on the dancefloor and behind the booth. A predominant faze was the darker side of jungle from producers like Tango & Ratty, Doc Scott, Andy C and Photek. The Lost Dubs takes me there. It’s hard to transform Jungle into Minimal House and Techno because of the tempo, but I find my own way by using similar bassline and pads that you’d hear in early Jungle records. A particular track I took inspiration from while working on this project is Andy C & Shimon ‘Quest’, not only from the bassline, but it’s always been a quest of mine to transmit the senses I felt into the FUSE sound”. – Enzo Siragusa

Listen to his exclusive mix for Fabric