EXIT, a multiple European festival champion and one of the leading brands in the global festival industry, launches Music & Talent Office – EXIT Echosystem, with the aim of providing comprehensive support and opportunities to promising and talented musicians from the region and beyond to develop successful global careers! As part of this platform, EXIT has also rolled out its own record label, EXIT Soundscape that now presents its debut track. The stunning video single ‘Universe’ recorded by celebrated Serbian electronic music producer Space Motion marks the EXIT Soundscape’s grand entry into the global music arena.

“EXIT has an exceptionally high reputation in the global music industry and close relationships with leading music agencies and global stars. These relationships are not just professional, but genuine friendships. We want to utilize these relationships to open the door for the development of international careers for young musical talents that are often left under the radar” says Dušan Kovačević, Founder and Director of EXIT festival and adds “We are proud of the success Space Motion has achieved over the years in the global music scene in competition with the leading global producers. As someone who exists as a top tier festival for more than two decades, we know how challenging it is and how much devotion it requires.” EXIT CEO

Space Motion shares a unique bond with the EXIT festival, a relationship cultivated over many years. In light of this connection, the track’s title draws inspiration from this year’s festival theme, while the “Universe” music video” itself was shot at the colossal Dance Arena during the festival. The single is now available on all digital streaming platforms (Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Beatport, Traxsource and JunoDownload).

“I’m thrilled that my latest release is also the inaugural one for EXIT’s label, EXIT Soundscape. The fact that both the festival and I come from Novi Sad adds a special touch to this collaboration – something that seemed almost destined. The overwhelming response from fans and peers in the music industry assures me that this release will leave a long lasting impact,” said Space Motion.