Detail-oriented house musician jackLNDN has released his single ‘iLuv’it’ on the 1st of July via his imprint Jack’s House. The London-born and currently Colorado-based producer has made his name known around the world with his live performances; 2 North American Tours with Goldfish and The Funk Hunters as well as appearing on stages in Canada, Europe, China, Japan, South Korea to name a few. Other noteworthy live appearances from the producer include Lollapalooza, Shambhala, Lightning in a Bottle, Mysteryland, Electric Zoo, Moonrise, Dancefestopia, Hangout, Global Dance, Tomorrowworld and What the Festival. Regarding his digital presence and popularity, jackLNDN has earned over 60 million plays across streaming platforms and has also received recent support from the reputable publications CLASH Magazine and Mixmag Spain.

jackLNDN, also known as Jack Aisher began his musical journey with classical piano training and vocal lessons at the tender age of 7 years old. His love for musical textures and its genre variations would expand with a performance for the Queen and her family in Windsor Castle, when he was chosen to be part of one of the biggest choirs in the country as a child. Along with this, his frequent time spent in some of the best jazz club’s in London would find him drawn to the vibrant and evocative works of James Blake, Earth Wind & Fire, and Frank Sinatra. Expanding on his talent and capabilities in the electronic music sphere, the producer has also released official remixes for renowned names like Emancipator, Lettuce, and The Polish Ambassador. His rich musical history and the sincere emotional attributes he aims to channel in his work call to mind the energy of Ben Böhmer, Jan Blomqvist, and Yotto.

Not heavy on the listener’s mind despite its vibrant beat progression, ‘iLuv’it’ has a refined club-infused rhythm but still maintains a laidback spirit that could easily suit a more intimate atmosphere. jackLNDN continues to shine with his deep house and multi-instrumentalist flair, unveiling a more emotionally mellow and uninhibited aspect of himself this time around.

jackLNDN elaborates further on the single:
“This follows logically from the previous single. It’s a sexually charged record, despite having no lyrics. Full of a darker energy with harsher sonics, a consequence of making bad decisions. This is the sonic representation of intimacy that is void of connection, empty, confusing & likely emotionally destructive.”