Clif Jack is a talented techno artist from Padova in Italy, and he is a rising star of the international scene. He has a hedonistic style with boisterous synths and hulking percussion intertwined with dark atmosphere, and he’s already played international DJ sets everywhere from Amsterdam in Holland to Düsseldorf in Germany. His music has also been a feature of respected record labels such as Reinier Zonneveld’s Filth on Acid, Juliet Fox’s TREGAMBE and Deborah De Luca’s Solamente.
At the end of 2023, Clif Jack launched his own record label called MJA the Vision, and the imprint’s new release is an EP from the head honcho himself. ‘Silenzio Follia’ features two original tracks by Clif Jack, and we invited him for this interview to learn more about the release and his other projects…

Hi Clif, it’s great to be talking with you today. Can you start by running us through your background in music?
“Sure! If I had to summarise it in brief steps and dates, I’d say that at 14, I started working as a PR in a club in my city, and that’s where I got passionate about clubbing. In 2005, during my first vacation in Ibiza, I started getting into international DJs and minimal. As a DJ, I took my first steps thanks to my best friend who, 15 years ago, taught me everything. Since then, I can call it a… compulsive, obsession, passion, haha.”

Tell us about where you live, and how the local scene has influenced your own music?
“I live in the northeast of Italy, in the university city of Padua. The local scene has always had small underground scenes with a strong focus on tech house. In recent years, techno and melodic techno have become more popular, making it easier to offer the audience a harder sound, which I like. In my area, there are several successful producers, both from the ’90s and current ones, and I’ve had the pleasure of playing with some of them and getting production advice. I still have a lot to learn, but I’m happy and grateful for the support I constantly receive around me. It’s also thanks to all of them that my passion and career keep moving forward.”

At what point in your life did you decide to become a DJ and start producing music?
“I decided to become a DJ and start producing music during my teenage years when I was deeply immersed in the club scene. The passion grew stronger when I started learning the ropes from my best friend, and since then, it has been a journey of constant learning and growth. The supportive community and the vibrant local scene have played a significant role in nurturing my career.”

Talk us through your new release Silenzio Follia, and what inspired the tracks?
“Silenzio Follia has been in the works for over a year because I wanted to test it and have various DJs try it before releasing it on my label, MJA the Vision. It came about during a discussion with an open microphone when, by mistake, I recorded my voice while telling the sound engineer who was mixing: “I need a moment of total silence and then an explosion of madness.” Realising the channel was still open, I decided to sample the voice, add some words, and try to express with sounds and words a break section journey that starts from total silence and prepares the crowd for an explosion of madness at the drop.”

How are things going with your record label MJA the Vision? I understand that’s the imprint releasing Silenzio Follia.
“My label MJA the Vision was born last year, and I really enjoy managing it, finding new artists, collaborations, graphics, videos, and opportunities. It’s very stimulating, and I’m grateful to all the artists who support it and release their music with me. I have a collaboration planned for August 24 at the magical E1 club in London, and I’m super excited about this event. It’s a venue I love, and I hope to develop an ongoing collaboration. For this date, Ilona Maras from Hive in Zürich will be with me, and on the same line-up, Farrago and Milo Spykers.”

What other record labels have you worked with, and what’s coming up in your release schedule?
“I have a couple more releases scheduled. One is coming up on June 28 on my dear friend Simina Grigoriu’s label, Kuukou, with a couple of my tracks. After the summer, a special track I collaborated on with a singer from London will be released on Renesanz Records by Balthazar & JackRock.”

Thanks for taking the time to talk with us today. Is there anything you would like to add before we finish?
“Thank you very much; it’s always a pleasure. And remember: Think Believe Dream Rave, because life is meant to be lived with passion.”