Alex Stein is one of those sought-after artists whose compromise and production credentials designing unique techno-music sounds truly knows no bounds. The driving force behind this Berlin artist with Brazilian (São Paulo) roots resides in his capability to concoct an intoxicating, mesmeric, and mind-boggling blend of hard-hitting techno patterns not devoid of soul. Energy flows in all directions and is dusty with optimism. Stein’s strength and sonic personality as a producer are gaining traction with every new release. He has earned credibility and high support with every release published on labels like Terminal M or Filth On Acid, as well as remixing artists like Dusty Kid or A*S*Y*S. When Alex isn’t in his Berlin studio cross-pollinating the diverse forms of techno, he’s relentlessly traveling around the entire globe to perform at some of the world’s best festivals and venues. As a DJ, he has exceptional skill in reading the crowd. A globe-trotting DJ who has placed his pike in countries all over the world adding unforgettable tours in India, Australia, Canada, UK, Argentina… and have earned a loyal international fanbase that follows his high-energy sets from Luft Festival in Melbourne to Street Parade in Zurich, Love Parade in Berlin to the notorious Drumcode label showcases. Alex Stein, a fine example of a consistent producer with a thrilling attitude that has defined his ascension in exploring the depths of electronic music with a distinct twist

Alex, welcome to Techno Mood. Tell us where you have played this weekend?
Thanks for having me! Last weekend I played at the famous bunker B018 in Beirut. Always such a great time in Lebanon and specially at B018!

Your first release on VOLTA, makes sense considering your friendship with Victor Ruiz. Can you tell us why you guys waited so long to collaborate again on a release?
Me and Victor have been close friends for over 15 years now. We basically started out making music together in the mid 2000’s and never really stopped. We kept making music together over the years but or busy schedules and our own careers made it a bit difficult to release music we had collaborated on. Now with Victor having his own label we felt the timing was right and here we are 

How does the sound of this release have similarities to your joint older collabs?
We tried to bring a bit of all of our sounds together and use influences we have had over the last 10 years. Our last release together was in 2012 so we took a bit from the sound of that era while still maintaining our current sound and also bringing in something new. It’s a nice mix of past, present and future.

Do you have a favourite track on the release? If so, what one and why?
I really like all the tracks on the EP but ‘Human Robot’ is my favourite since it is the newest track of the bunch and the production process on that one was really enjoyable and fun. I spent a week in Lisbon in the Studio with Victor and the track just came effortlessly, like it used to be when we first started.

Do you find being friends makes this easier to work together, or harder?
It can be both. But I usually only do collabs with artists that are friends of mine as it makes the whole process a bit easier going. Plus, making music with my friends is one of the reasons why I started in the first place. Making music is supposed to be fun!

We heard you are both based in Lisbon, do did you work on this in person in the studio there? Can you tell us what the studio set up is like?
I am actually moving to Lisbon in a few weeks and am super excited about it! Each track had a different process. ‘Darkplace’ was made in my studio in Berlin when Victor was still living here, while ‘The Heed’ was made in his studio in Lisbon, like ‘Human Robot’ also. His studio setup is great. Simple and effective. Good sounding room and monitors and the synths we love the most, Moog’s and of course the classic Virus TI from Access.

Perfect place to listen to this release?
On the dancefloor, for sure!

Tell us your next 3 shows we can catch you at…..
This weekend I am playing in Berlin at Praerie Festival on Friday and then making my long-awaited debut at Tomorrowland’s Atmosphere Stage on Saturday. Next up will be a Birthday party for Victor in Lisbon, together with his girlfriend Tao Andra and of course our beloved and insanely talented producer friend, Wehbba. Hope to see you all there!

Thanks for speaking to us today!
Thanks for having me!