ÅNDfØLK, a pleasure to have you with us today! How are things going and where is ÅNDfØLK situated right now?
It’s a pleasure to be with you today, thanks for having us. Currently we’re splitting our time between London and Barcelona.

We’re pleased to have you with us around the release of Shelter arriving on Caramel Records. What can you tell us about this release?
Shelter is a bit more of a club room big techno cut, if we had to associate with a more known label, it probably fits somewhere within Afterlife.

The hard hitting cut marks ÅNDfØLK’s return to Caramel Records, a label you have worked closely with in recent years. What’s the story behind ÅNDfØLK and Caramel Records?
We were the first artist they signed and they’ve given us such focus, support and belief that we have a sense of trust and loyalty to them. Life’s too short not to be working with people that make you happy!

We’d love to hear a bit about the creative process for Shelter, how did you approach creating this track?
It was during the summer where everything we seemed to want to make was big room bombs. Shelter is the first of four singles similar to this coming in the next 6 months.

There is a great deal of mystery that surrounds ÅNDfØLK, is there anything that you could tell us that people may not yet be aware of?
We float through the cosmos like space goats and panda sharks 🙂

How important is this mystery to the musical experience that ÅNDfØLK provides?
It’s not something we want defining us. However we’ve played out all over the world unveiled and we like the idea that ÅNDfØLK will play future bookings for no other reason than the music. It’s a concept that doesn’t always exist in the industry.

What is the most important element or feeling of music for ÅNDfØLK?
Whatever feeling music evokes for us at the time is never something we take for granted. We make music we love, uncompromisingly without limitations or being too focused on one particular sub-genre of electronic music. Ultimately we try to make what we’d want to hear when we’re out, whether it’s a sunset session or 4am big room somewhere.

Thank you for chatting with us today and congrats on the release of Shelter. To round things off, is there anything else upcoming that you would like to share with us?
Well we guess the only point to share is we hope you enjoy the train of tracks we will be releasing next year! There’s a lot coming! Thanks for having us, big love! ÅNDfØLK