Axel Haube is an evocative DJ who plays with great control. He hints at where he’s going before pulling back, building tension, and dropping the right record at the right time to send crowds into overdrive. His storytelling sets of melodic and cosmic techno are powered by dark but driving grooves and laced with seductive melodies. Digging deep for unknown musical thrills and hypnotic pleasures is what sets him apart and have made him a mainstay of the underground who plays everywhere from the Afterlife stage at Tomorrowland to Circoloco Belgium, Hive, Ritter Butzke and Extrema Outdoor.

It’s the same story in the studio. The Belgian’s music is built on a solid foundation of drums that move the dance floor while alluring synth details up top always take the mind away. His tracks are full of curious designs that keep you locked, smooth changes in energy that always keep you guessing, and speak to the mind and soul as well as the body. They have come on labels like Watergate Records, Petit Matin and Future Romance with high-profile support from Tale Of Us, Kevin de Vries, Massano and Camelphat.

Axel’s own We Are brand hosts high-profile stages at festivals like Ostend Beach, Vaag Outdoor and several other clubs. It is an established fashion label that serves up fresh rave couture and will soon become a record label. Next for him are new tracks and remixes on Labyrinth, Eklektisch and Eleatics. Each one is another exciting chapter in the ever-evolving story of Axel Haube.

Axel, thanks for talking to us. You have some big singles releasing at the moment, the next is on Zamna – how did you become connected with them?
Hey there! I’m really excited to be part of the VA on Zamna! When I found out they started a label earlier this year, I went looking for the A&R person of the label, and it turns out I’ve known him for quite a while. I sent him three tracks via email, and he chose one and confirmed it for the VA. And now, here we are!

The single has been played throughout the summer by a lot of artists. Can you tell us the background of the single?
Ego’ is a strong instrumental track, but I had the feeling something was still missing. I worked with Luke Coulson before on another project, but was not 100% satisfied with the result, but his voice is just amazing. So I asked him if he would be the topline vocal for this track, and then ‘Ego’ was born. I really loved working with Luke, and after some small changes, we had the final version pretty quickly. It was an easy collab, with someone really talented.

As we draw to the end of the year, where can we find you playing from now to NYE?
Have quite a few cool gigs to end the year!
– D!Club in Lausanne with Hozho
– Melodic Room at Cairo Jazz Club
– Extrema Noir with Artbat, Mind Against, Kolsch, Kevin de Vries, Brina Knauss & Glowal.
– Iris in Beirut
– a gig in my hometown Mechelen the day before NYE which is also super fun as the travel is super easy

Do you have some key career and party highlights from 2023? (Please share, along with any funny stories)
Last month in Dubai was awesome at Tomorrowland presents Terra Solis as it was completely packed with a really nice vibe. The stage and venue were super cool in the middle of the desert. It’s amazing that the same stage design is used at Tomorrowland Winter, even though they are in two completely different environments. Some other highlights include performing at Extrema Outdoor MainStage, Afterlife on Tomorrowland for the third time in a row, Input in Barcelona, Phoenix Klein in Istanbul with Camelphat, my all-nighter in Complex Maastricht, Audioriver in Poland, The Project in Budapest, and so much more. I also went on tour in China in October for the first time. I didn’t know what to expect from the music scene in China. I can assure you it was amazing. Two nice clubs, really nice vibes, great food and I loved the country. People often say I’m tall, but in China, I heard it a record number of times in just one weekend! If I look back now on last year this was really my best year so far!

We’ve heard you’ll be starting your own label in 2024. Can you tell us more?
The first release is scheduled for January and will feature two original tracks, along with a remix from the Italian duo Glowal. I’m a big fan of their music, and I’m thrilled to have them on board. The second EP will include two originals from me, and there’s a remix from VNTM ready (spoiler alert!). We don’t have a specific date for the second EP yet, but it will likely be released shortly after the first one. I’ve already finished the third EP, which includes collaborations with another talented producer on the original tracks. We’re still deciding on the remixer for this one. In essence, I’m launching the label with my own original tracks, along with remixes and collaborations. Let’s see what the future holds! I might also consider signing other artists and releasing their original tracks on the label.

Finally, can you tell us one thing you have on your bucket list for 2024?
I have a lot on my bucket list but don’t want to jinx it!
I’ll keep working and pushing it and I’m sure I’ll thick off more stuff next year. Let’s find out!