Hi Chiqito, how are you today and where are you based?
Hello! Well thank you! I am working in Budapest and at work today 😀

During the pandemic a lot of producers have really focused on studio time, has that been the same for you? How have you found things?
Yes, I had more time to make music and developed my style. And I could spend more time with my little girl 🙂

Your new release Phantom Of The Opera is out on the famed Hot Creations imprint. How did that come about and what does it mean for you?
I’ve been sending them demos for a long time and now I’m on target 🙂 It’s A dream come true! I used to just dream about it, and now look, they released my latest EP! Even now it is incredible! 🙂

I love the concept of the Phantom Of The Opera. How did the idea come about?
I’ve always loved classical music! It evokes a sense of reassurance and emotion in me. I was wondering what it would be like to mix classical music with a little House and a break!

When it comes to DJing and producing, which do you prefer and why?
Producer! They give the underfoot 😀

Could you tell us 3 tracks you can’t wait to play out now that clubs are opening?
1. – TacoMan & Raized – R2DMinor
2. – SIS – Trompeta
3. – Chiqito – Mambo

Do you have any tips for up and coming producers?
Be patient and be very persistent!!!

What are you most looking forward to now that the world is slowly going back to normal? Any gigs or releases you can also tell us about?
Ordinary life, everything should be as it used to be, or in the 90’s 😀 More gigs! Next weekend I’m going to play at the Beach Festival in Hungary! Looking forward!