DAHEIN was chosen as Adam Beyers winning student from the coveted Pete Tong DJ Academy.

Hey DAHEIN thanks for talking to us! Congrats on being Adam’s choice in Pete’s DJ Academy. Tell us how you first heard about the academy?
Thank you for interviewing me! I first heard about the academy on the internet, by accident, following the information of what is happening in the music industry, I read a lot and came across the PTDJA Article and it was interested enough to submit my email address for more info, it was before the start of the academy.

How long have you been DJ’ing before you entered the competition and submitted a mix?
So realistically, I have been DJ’ing about 4 years before I enrolled in the academy. So I was already learning the ins and outs of DJ’ing since about 15 years old.

Have you been learning a lot from the course? If so, what are some of the most invaluable modules / sections on it?
The academy’s focus is about how to be a DJ, the philosophy of it, the mentality it takes and the direction you should go to succeed. Just being able to mix wasn’t the end of it, as there is so much more you need to learn. Some of the courses I started from the beginning as I didn’t know some of the more complex techniques. Each session has its own lesson, and they are all very important to be completed step by step, and over and over again until you have mastered it. One part of it was from Alex Tripi when he said ‘How To Structue The Set Depending On The Assigned Slot’, this is a huge element when starting out as a DJ, as you need to understand when you play and who to, and then how to choose which records will suit that set. Another which was really interesting and important was from Carl Cox ‘The Wrong Mindsets Of Professional DJ and Your Personal Mission’.

Can you tell us some of your idols in the dance music world and why?
There are so many of them, and from each of them I always draw something for myself and combine them into a whole, for example from Carl Cox’s grooves and interaction with the audience from Chris Liebing and his palette of industrial sounds, Adam Bayer’s emotions. In each he finds something for himself and uses it in his mixes. And I also have my favorite music producers whose music inspires me tremendously.

What do you hope becoming a finalist will mean to your career from here?
Huge!! I am already perceived differently as a DJ, not someone who just plays music but as someone who creates the whole evening and the mood on the dance floor. People have a good time and want to listen to me and that’s the most important thing.

Where can we hear a recent set of yours for our listeners?
You can hear my latest DJ mix for Inside techno, which has a YouTube channel “Techno Station” and of course on my Soundcloud channel @Daheina and of course on my Instagram channel @realDahein where all the info is.