Hi Denney, great to have you with us today! How are things with you and whereabouts are you chatting to us from?
Hello, thanks for having me! Things are great here, am currently chatting to you from home which is in West Sussex.

We’re pleased to be speaking with you ahead of your return to Crosstown Rebels with your track ‘Kill The Soundboy’ featuring on the fifth edition of the label’s annual SPIRITS compilation. What can you tell us about this one?
I made this track quite a while ago, I found the sample and knew I could do something with it. I love that old Dub / Jamaican Soundsystem culture and wanted to make a House record that reflected the party vibe of that sound. I think it turned out pretty well!

How did ‘Kill The Soundboy’ come to find its home on ‘SPIRITS V’?
I sent the track to Damian as thought he may be into it, I didn’t hear anything for a few months so started to think about potential other homes for it…then he text me saying it was going off for him and wanted it for the compilation. I’ve released with Crosstown Rebels more than any other label now so of course I was happy it found its home there, I love what they do.

SPIRITS V is another timeless entry into the coveted series. Do you have a personal favourite from the other tracks on the compilation?
I love the percussion in GruuvElements “Boom Room”.

2022 is shaping up to be another packed year for you with releases to come on Club Bad, Nervous Records and more. What can we expect from the forthcoming releases?
Yes I have probably the busiest release schedule I’ve ever had, with a release a month planned for pretty much the next 12 months. I held so much music back over lockdown that now is the time to unleash it. 
Expect twisted House on a bit of a tribal tip!

We hear that you will be launching a new label later this year, exciting stuff! What can you tell us about that so far?
That’s right, it’s been a long time coming to be honest but never felt the time was right until now. It launches in October with myself putting out the first release then a release a month dropping onwards. There’s some wicked music signed already…I’m excited about it!

Recently you performed at the closing party for the UK’s Brighton Music Conference, how was that?
BMC is always a nice time to catch up with people and the parties are always fun to play, I didn’t manage to get down to the daytime event sadly this year so everyone was pretty tipsy by the time I got there and up for a party!

How has it been in general returning to events following their absence through the pandemic?
It’s obviously been great however I do know there has been an air of caution with people buying tickets for events so I don’t think we are fully back to pre covid “normal” yet. I think it’s going to take until the back end of this year to get the numbers back to where they used to be. Regardless we are back out with our friends and loved ones which is the most important thing.

Thanks a lot for chatting with us Denney! To round off, is there anything else that you’d like to share with us?
Thanks for having me, hope everyone has a great summer!