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Dmitri Saidi, who’s just revealed his latest album ‘Los Homies’, is the Mexican DJ who’s seen recent support and praise from the likes of Loco Dice, Jamie Jones, Solardo, Marco Carola and Dom Dolla. His music blends between a jackin’, classic house sound and those current tech-house vibes, a real staple in Mexico and making waves up and down the Americas’ and he aims to travel to perform across Europe in the coming months and years ahead. His album is out now via Sharam Jeys’ established Bunny Tiger label

Thanks for speaking with us today, Dmitri. Tell us about how you first began with your career in electronic music.
I used to listen to electronic music for most of my life, but it wasn’t until I started researching the genre that I decided to start experimenting with my own productions. Once there, I didn’t turn back.

Are you back performing any shows, how has it felt?
Yes! I was fortunate to perform in various places in and outside of Mexico, and what always motivates me is watching people dance with my music. It transmits me a very powerful energy and I really enjoy it. I always have a lot of fun while performing.

Your sound is indeed very Jackin’ house, with a tech-influenced vibe. Who were your main inspirations?
In the electronic industry I have several influences, such as jamie jones, loco dice and the Martinez brothers. But I dare to say that my biggest influence of all time is the Mexican artist “Juan Gabriel”, even though he does not belong to the electronic industry, he’s my biggest influence.

How do you feel the music industry, and clubbing in general has changed since the pandemic, do you see this as a permanent thing, or will things gradually return to what we were used to?
I believe that during time it will come to how it was before, but also with many protocols.

When playing out, what is your perfect environment, a dark and small basement, out in an open-air party, we are curious to know what makes the perfect party conditions for you!
I enjoy both of them, it doesn’t matter. I always have fun and try to connect with the audience. But in case it’s an open-air party I like to perform in the afternoon, and use the Clubs for late hours.

What were the main inspirations for your Los Homies LP, any particular tracks from it that stand out with listeners?
This album was born from the desire to bring together all my friends from different parts of the world in the same musical album project, in which each one can expand to the fullest in their different styles and capacities.
I have a lot of affection for all the tracks, but the ones that have stood out the most are “Toma” and “Quiere” since I received a lor of support from Jamie Jones, Loco Dice, Darius Syrossian and Hector Couto. They all played my songs in huge festivals and that felt amazing.

Your LP on the Bunny Tiger label, how did this come to be, was Bunny Tiger always a natural home for it to be released?
Yes, since Bunny Tiger was one of the first major labels to believe in me and my music, so I have a lot of affection and respect for them and when Sharam offered me to make an album, I did not hesitate to do so.

Where in the world is on your bucket list to perform and why?
All over Europe since I’ve never been there. It would be a huge achievement for me.