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Berlin-based DJ and producer DOBé started his professional career in 2018 as an opener for Black Coffee in Munich, and quickly got booked by clubs all over Europe. A rapid growth of his fan base allowed him to perform all over the world and at big festivals like Burning Man, Afrika Burn and Feel Festival.

DOBé’s shows are characterized by dark acoustic elements and deep sounds that subtly transition into a more melodic rhythm driving his audience into an euphoric mood. His music can be described as Techno with elements from Deep Tech and Acid House which make a very groovy and hypnotic mix.

As a producer DOBé released 2 EPs that immediately got the support of established producers and DJs like Richie Hawtin, Joseph Capriati, Ilario Alicante, Township Rebellion, Paco Osuna among others and entered the Top 20 Beatport Techno Charts after just one week.

Beside his own career, he is also very involved in social side projects. in the following interview he gives us an insight into his latest project.

Hi DOBé, your young music career is already very impressive, but you have also another project besides your own career. What is it about?
Thank you guys! Yes I’m starting a charity music school in Namibia for kids from the townships. It is my heart project and I can’t wait to get everything started for the opening!

What was your intention to do that?
As an artist I’m traveling around the world, playing shows, enjoying the good side of life. But when im visiting a country for the first time, I’m always trying to see also the other side of the coin, especially in third world countries.I myself grew up in the projects under bad conditions, surrounded by poverty and violence. I’ll never forget that, so I want to do something to get some kids off the streets and out of those kinds of situations. I want to give them a chance to follow the same path I did, namely to earn money with music. Especially in Africa there is a lack of access to resources, skills and opportunities for young people from underserved communities to develop and grow their potential, which often leads to discouragement, crime and substance abuse. I want to change that with our first charity music school in Ongwediva, Namibia.

Why did you choose Namibia for this project?
Music has always been present in Africa, a means of expression and a facilitator for change. Focusing on the power of big artists and their ability to inspire the youth we want to raise funds for education projects that would uplift their communities and bring real life-changing opportunities to those creative people who until then would have fallen through the cracks of an outdated and broken education system.The origin of so many different music genres can be found in African culture. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible there to earn money with music or even to make a living from it. Our goal is to change that. We want to build the bridge between african local artists and the global music industry and its resources.

Are you doing this project with somebody together?
Yes. Three years ago I played my first show in Africa at the AfrikaBurn close to Cape Town. After that I was pretty good connected to the electronic music scene in South Africa and played many shows in Cape Town and Johannesburg. I also released one track on a compilation of a local label based in Johannesburg. One day I got connected with Fred, who organized a festival near Windhoek in Namibia. He invited me and I flew to Namibia, where I met the most incredible people. We built a strong relationship and half a year later we came up with the idea to start a charity. We are both in the techno scene so we decided to open up a music school for the kids from the townships.

What is the concept of the music school?
We are founding a music school where young artists from the townships are to be trained and prepared to gain a foothold on the global market. Each student is assigned a top-class mentor who is an established name in the electronic music industry. We will run weekly courses for electronic music, where the kids will learn how to DJ and how to produce music. Also they will learn everything about the music industry and what it takes to become a successful artist. We will provide daily meals for the kids to make sure, that nobody starves. Also we will use a small percentage of the money to help students and their families outside of the school, for example with medication, repairs of their homes etc.

Do you already have a time schedule for the opening?
Right now we are finalizing the calculation of the costs, which will cover the basic equipment and the running costs of the school for the first two years. Then we will launch the website with a crowdfunding and a detailed breakdown how the money is gonna be used and as soon as we have the money together we will start hopefully by the end of the year!

We wish you every success and all the best for the school. Finally, do you have any forthcoming projects or gigs coming up that you can tell us about?
Yeah the summer is really busy and I’m gonna play in Singapore, Australia for the first time in September. Really looking forward to visit those places for the first time! In October I’m touring in South and Central America before I’m heading over to Africa again to get the music school started! Can’t wait to finish this year with a lot of work!