Drahm has immersed himself in the sounds of diverse cultures all his life. His worldly experiences are manifested in his music; his unique style drawing roots from a classical music background combined with contemporary sounds of deep house and techno.

Today we are so happy to have Drahm for an exclusive interview so let’s begin.

Hi It’s fantastic to have you here, Drahm! Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got started in the music industry?
It’s a pleasure. Thank you for having me 🙂 How I got introduced to electronic music was around the age of 14 In Canada when a friend and a neighbor of mine started showing me videos of Trance Energy festival on Youtube then I became obssesed.I would rent CDJ 800s and burn CDs and play in my parent’s basement for long hours at a time. I would close my eyes and see myself as the Dj playing the festival and it was almost Virtual Reality for me .The earliest Electronic Music Inspirations for me Were Paul Oakenfold, Depeche Mode, Armand Van Helden, & Daft punk & Deep Dish. At the time, There was а Disco Club in Greater Toronto Area Called “Palazzo“ and they started having all ages parties and I think that those days were my earliest memories of listening to electronic anthems in a club setting. Around the age of 18 as soon as I was ready to go to University, I told my parents that I wanted to become a DJ and since the DJing culture wasn’t as popular as it is now my parents told me that I could take it as a hobby but not as a career and I knew they wanted the best for me so I complied. It wasn’t until my mid – late twenties that some of my close Dj friends sparked the flame in me and convinced me that I should do this professionally so then one day a few years ago I packed all my bags,left the corporate world and moved to Tulum and been living a nomad life ever since.

Congratulations on your upcoming release “Floración”! Could you share with us some insights into the inspiration behind this track and what listeners can expect from it?

Thank you The inspiration for Floración came when I was living in Medellin and used to go for daily walks to Jardin Botanico. I witnessed some exotic plants and flowers blossoming and it was beautiful. The odor and aroma that was in the air was beyond words. I then went back to my apartment and worked on this release for hours and named it “Floración” which translates to “Blossoming in Spanish.

It’s fascinating to hear about your experiences in Latin America. How has your time spent in this region influenced your creative process and the music you produce?

Absolutely! Growing up in North America emotions are expressed differently. Passion & Emotions play a big part in Latin American culture. I’m a passionate person and there were times that i felt like I’m the only one because not a lot of people could resonate with me. I’d like to describe my music as deep melodic and groovy journey that has influences of Afro-Latin and Middle Eastern vibes with Organic techy groundbreaking house basslines and yet dark & emotive at times.

As the founder of Kegin Media, could you tell us more about the mission and goals of your consultancy, and how you aim to support DJs and producers in growing their brand?

It’s been amazing. Throughout my musical career, I’ve encountered so many unique talents that unfortunately weren’t getting attention because of how their online brand was presented. During the pandemic, I spent so many hours case studying and working with many top-tier artists and it gave me the leverage to be able to help others put better content out. My goal is to be able to help many established and uprising artists and take the weight off their shoulders by giving the right content strategies that would potentially make them more consistent with their content and grow their following and brand exponentially!

What motivated you to establish Deep House Tulum, and what role does it play within the broader electronic music community?

The idea came to me after I moved to Tulum for a few months during the pandemic. I met so many talented artists and musicians and was artistically inspired in so many different ways that I wanted to become able to showcase & support and give back to this magical town that has inspired and shaped my artistic journey as much as I could remember. I felt like most people look at Tulum as a vacation town but I’ve had so many surreal experiences that were therapeutic, healing and spiritual that made me think deeper into curating a storytelling creative journey under an Umbrella of Electronic Music.

You’re currently in Buenos Aires, Argentina. How does the electronic music scene there compare to other places you’ve visited or worked in?

The music scene here fascinates me. Every Festival and event ive been to is very similar to a futbol match. Just like how packed the stadiums are during a big game and people stay until the game is over and the referee blows the whistle,people in Argentina seem to dance and have a wonderful time until dj stops the music which is very amusing 😀

Thank you so much for sharing your insights and experiences with us, Drahm. Before we wrap up, do you have any final thoughts or words of wisdom you’d like to leave with our audience,

especially aspiring DJs and producers looking to navigate their own musical journeys?
Be Honorable! Never give up on your dreams and work hard until you make it a reality. Make a life that you dont need a vacation from & Always take care and Show love and gratitude to those who support you. I have lots of releases planned and working on many more and can’t wait to share them with you all in the near future . Follow me on all of my socials to keep updated with lots of news,music and gigs planned

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