Advertisement Techno Mood YouTube Banner Techno Mood YouTube Banner, one of Scotlands’ most promising techno artists has been making a real name for himself with key performances across the country. We got to know more about the artist including his Hydro showcase, playing in front of large crowds and his residency affiliated with Terminal V and his excitement ahead of the big two-day event over the Easter weekend. will be performing at Terminal V’s ‘Resurgence’ event over the Easter weekend in Edinburgh

What has 2022 started like for you, anything that you’d like to highlight to our readers?
With my big Hydro showcasing going ahead in February with 6000 people there, things started quite strong for me. The end of last year was challenging with things going back into tight lockdown restrictions.

What does playing Terminal V mean to you, how important has the brand been for the city and for your own development?
Terminal V has been a massive part for growing a stronger community of ravers in Scotland. With me being based in Glasgow and TV in Edinburgh it helped push things. I’ve worked very closely with Derek, Simon and the team and we have bigger plans going forward which is exciting.

Specifically, what is your role as resident, how do you see it?
Being a resident is a huge role because you are affiliated with the brand and have a responsibility to represent such a strong brand and play shows alongside 80+ international acts.

The crowd is obviously a big factor when compared to smaller club appearances; it’s been a long time coming with several postponements, how excited are you to get back out in front of that crowd?
I do feel a much bigger pressure to perform than in the previous years, but I think I perform better under pressure anyway. Getting to play in front of a big crowd gives you that opportunity to put a show on for people and I always carefully select my playlists and make special edits for these occasions.

Who else on the line-up are you most looking forward to seeing?
Really excited to see Dax J playing in Area V which will be huge!

Have you got a secret weapon track, a go-to record to save the floor in case you need to rescue it?
Yes, I always have 3 or 4 which I know can save any dancefloor. When I started my open to close showcases a few years back I closed with B.K – Revolution and every time this proper goes off!

Who’s been an inspirational figure in your development in music and why?
The likes of Dax J, Stef Mendesidis & DVS1. They are just keeping it real, not jumping on trends like this hardstyle techno phase that’s caught hype recently. And it inspires you to stay true to yourself and focus on being an artist.

Are there any other projects you are working on that you’d like to share with us?
I’m really excited about my TRANSPARENCY. Project which is a special visual installation using transparent screens. I have a weekend showcase at SWG3 Galvanizers warehouse in May and am working on a show in Amsterdam.