In the trend-driven universe of electronic dance music, Gregor Tresher is the rare artist who transcends such cycles. His secret? A relentless focus on melody and timbre, timeless musical elements that other producers often undervalue. Just as a painting or a photograph appears to move if one stares at it long enough, close listening to the stratified grooves and melodies in Tresher’s music reveals an organic universe of shifting sound.

Hi Gregor, thanks for taking the time to talk to us;
Thanks for having me.

What have you been up to so far this year, we see you’ve got a busy summer of touring, is there anywhere you’re really excited to play?
I´m thankful to be touring again after the pandemic and am looking forward to a busy summer on the road. It feels so good that everything seems to be back to normal and we can all have fun on the dancefloors again. I restructured my live set and am playing a few selected live shows this summer in addition to my DJ-gigs.

You recently re-released an LP with Pig & Dan, can you share any other music projects you’re working on right now?
I just finished a new EP that will be released on Cocoon recordings in late summer. I´m really excited about it, I think the title track might be on of my personal favorite tracks I ever recorded. Other than that, there will be a four-track collaboration EP with my longtime production-partner and good friend Petar Dundov, which will be out in the fall. Another huge project will be the remix-album for Sven Väth´s recent album, that we produced together, with a huge lineup of remix artists.

You were recently named producer of the year by Groove Magazine, when making a new record what are the main factors you consider? Or do you tend not to follow any kind of trend or pattern?
I really try to not follow trends, but rather try to come up with new music that excites me. Also, I try not to repeat my self – only because an idea worked before there is no reason to play it safe and stick to a certain recipe. Being voted Producer Of The Year in Groove magazine was an honour and I felt very thankful for it. The challenge for musicians is to come up with new tracks that will reach people that don´t know you for anthing you did twenty ears ago – why should they? So the task is to come up with a new track that will ctach their ear.

You reside in Frankfurt – how do you find the music scene and specifically the Techno scene is? Are there any other techno cities across the world you love being in?
Frankfurt, along with Berlin, used to be the epicenter of German clubculture in the nineties with legendary clubs like Omen, Dorian Gray and XS. It´s obvious that the city has lost some of its status to Berlin now, and even ciities like Stuttgart or Munich nurtured a thriving club scene in the last decades. However, there are a few good clubs still in Frankfurt and there is still a lot of relevant music produced here.

Do you have any tips for visiting Frankfurt?
There are a lot of great restaurants here, from really simple and affordable local spots to some amazing high-class restaurants. My favorite right now is called Masa, a tiny Japanese Restaurant that just received its first Michelin star. It´s absolutely amazing. Make sure to make a reservation, they are often booked for weeks in advance. If you are looking for a local specialty, go to one of the many „Apfelwein“-Restaurants, and order a “Schnitzel mit Grüner Soße“ It´s breaded pork or veal that comes with a cold Sauce made of exactly seven herbs – a delicious local specialty!

5 years from now, where do you wish to be in your career?
I tend to not plan in terms like that. I´m very happy with what I´m doing and hope I will be enjoying making music and playing it out to people for many years to come.

Is there anything else you wish to add for our readers?
I hope we see each other on a dancefloor anytime soon. All the best!