Ricardo Hingst signs as HNGT to bring to light his musical project that permeates Techno sounds. His music path started in 2018 when he first time visited the legendary Warung Beach Club and fell in love with electronic music. In 2019 he started to learn DJing and music production, and continued studying and practicing until 2021, when the project became official with his first EP on his mentor Tarter’s Label “Createch”. Since then he has maintained consistency, with expressive releases that resulted in good positions on Beatport’s top charts, attracting attention and support from various artists, including big names such as Victor Ruiz and Sama AbdulHadi, who has been playing his tracks on big events and festivals around the world. This productive consistency and dedication also gave HNGT great debuts on some of the main clubs in Brazil, such as D EDGE, Elfortin, Terraza and Surreal.

Ricardo, aka HNGT. Can you tell us what your name means?
HNGT: It is my second name ”Hingst” whitout the letters I and S. 🙂

Brazil is a hub of talent when it comes to electronic music, where and how did you first get exposed to music and knew that you wanted to develop a career in it?
HNGT: Everything happened naturally from the beginning, I started to attend some parties in 2018, until I found the legendary Warung Beach Club. I fell in love with the atmosphere and the ”different” style of music that was played there, it was unlike anything I had ever heard. I attended more and more and gained interest in understanding how to play music. I looked for someone to teach me and I met Tarter, who already played at Warung and taught DJing classes. I learned to play, then to produce and everything was flowing naturally. Tarter became my mentor and great friend and we’ve continued until then, we’ve played together in b2b in big clubs here in Brazil like Surreal Park and Elfortin Club.

Why techno?
HNGT: To be honest when i started to produce music in 2019, i was a bit lost, trying to make everything and don’t seeing evolution on that. Until January 20, 2020, I went to Warung to see my mentor Tarter, Alex Stein and Enrico Sangiuliano, a Techno night that turned the switch on my head. There I knew that Techno was what I wanted to do, and that was what I wanted to live for. I am very grateful to these artists for what they did that night, they became great references for me.

Your next release ‘Rebel’ is on fellow Brazilian producer Victor Ruiz’s VOLTA label. Can you tell us how you linked with him and what the release is about?
HNGT: It happened naturally too, I was a student in Victor’s masterclass, and in one of the courses he opened an email for students to send their songs so that he could select and play some of them in a recorded set. I sent him a track called ”Dark Matter” one of my first releases, and he played it. Since then, I sent almost all the tracks I produced to him by email for months, until one day I sent him the main track from the EP ”Rebel”, he downloaded it and after a few months he sent me a message on Instagram saying that he had played the track and it had worked really well on the dance floor. So, he tried it out a few more times and we talked about releasing it on the label he was planning to create. This release is about find your purpose on the world, trust on it and work hard to make it happen. Work really hard, study, love the process and believe in yourself always! 🙂

3 items of gear you use when making music you can’t live without?
HNGT: I don’t work with many gears, my studio is basically my mac, my Sony MDR 7506 headphones, and my pair of KRKs to have a different reference.

Finally, can you tell is where we can see you playing next?
HNGT: Some dates in Brazil, but focusing on my first tour in Europe at the end of September! I’m so excited and happy to be fulfilling this dream, and I’m so grateful to everyone who believes in my music!