Hello Ida, great to have you with us today! How are things going with you and whereabouts are you speaking to us from right now?
I’m good thanks! I’m in Stockholm with my kids for some days for a little holiday after an intense summer mostly spent in Ibiza.

2. What’s a normal day-in-the-life look like for you at the moment?
I live in the country side in Ibiza surrounded by beautiful nature and it’s really a happy peaceful place to be. Lately I’ve been traveling quite a lot again and also spent more time working in the studio.
I always start my day with a coffee outside and a little walk with my dog, then I guess trying to get as much as I can done in a day. I’m the happiest when I start with training for an hour and then focus on creative fun things. I’m getting better and better at organising and planning my days. Happy to be my own boss and very thankful to have an amazing fun team of people working around me on a day to day basis.

We’re pleased to be chatting with you ahead of your remix of ‘Always Something’ by Manqo. Congrats on a brilliant remix here. How did this remix first arise?
Damian has been a friend for many many years and I had a release on Crosstown back in 2014. I think we met the first time in 2007. So when they sent me the remix request I was very happy to listen to it. I absolutely loved the original so it was an instant yes.

What elements of the original were you drawn to the most and how did you set about creating your remix?
The vocals and melody are mesmerising to me. It has a beautiful melancholic feeling in it that makes you feel something and that’s what music and art is all about, so I wanted to keep the depth but also inject some higher energy into it.

Were there any key bits of equipment used in the creation process?
Lately I’ve been renting the Maetrika Studio in Ibiza and it’s an amazing space to create music and to work. For this one Arturia Analogue Lab is used and also Trash2 to get the saturated sound.

You recently gave a talk at Tomorrowland’s Love Tomorrow Conference, how did it go and is there anywhere that our readers can listen back?
Yes this was very exciting! I always thought it’s a huge possibility to use my social platform to interact with and talk about important matters. I follow the work and support organisations like AmazonWatch.org and Amazonfrontlines and wanted to take the opportunity to talk about the Steven Donziger case because it’s very close to my heart and maybe the most important environmental case of our time. Steven has become a friend over the years and he was meant to be on stage with me but as he doesn’t have access to his passport yet so he had to give a speech from his home in New York. I’m so grateful to Tomorrowland for creating this opportunity. It brings hope and a deeper meaning to music and this life for me. I think it went really. It felt natural. The whole conference can be listened back to at Lovetomorrowconferance.com

This summer you have held a residency at Club Chinois Ibiza, how has it been and how does it feel to see Ibiza back in action this year?
It’s been an amazing experience. I was asked back in December if I wanted to have a weekly residency there and so me and my team decided to take on 7 dates as it’s my first year doing something like this and I’m happy to say it went really well. Every night started at 9 with a big dinner and it was really like a family vibe with artists snd friends coming together. Also a lot of fun to play back to back with some of the artists for the last hour of the early morning. I hope to keep growing it next season.

Thank you for your time today Ida, a pleasure to chat with you. To round things off, is there anything else upcoming that you would like to share with our readers?
I have spent a lot of time in the studio this summer and just had a remix that came out for Anjuna Deep of one of my favourite artists Jon Gurd. It’s a 10 min deep closing record that I absolutely loved working on and have been playing all summer. I also did a remix for Diplos label Higher Grounds and that one took a more heads down techno turn. I love to not get stuck into one musical corner but to explore a fuller spectrum of sounds. I also love that when I play my sets. Sometimes high energy at Awakenings and sometimes trippy after hour sets at small venues like Pikes. That to me keeps it challenging and creative and fun and I like to keep the same approach in the studio. After all I have played and collected music for 22 years and love to use my full journey as inspiration.