Hello Kmyle & welcome on Techno Mood-board! How was your summer?
hello Techno Mood , first of all , thanks for this interview.as usual i love to be in my studio , and during the summer, I haven’t changed my habits , i produced a lot of new tracks ,
developed some fresh ideas , and worked on my next live act. Of course, I also had a great time with my friends. Studio sessions were punctuated by good barbecues and beach time, haha.

Can you tell us about your current working status and what you’ve been up to lately in the studio?
I’ve only lived on music for more than ten years now, it’s a difficult life choice especially in 2023, but the happiness that music brings me is incredible.
At the moment I produce music every day in various forms, and these days I’ve been working on a few remixes, and some tracks that will be released this year on really interesting labels that I can’t talk about. Also I was working on the mix of the fifth release on my imprint KML005, and I really tried to go to the maximum of what I was able to do.

What’s the story or concept behind your upcoming new “Obsession” release, and what inspired you to create it?

On this new EP, each track is unique for me, the expression of my emotions is literally different on each one of them.My goal for this new opus was to explore the mental and profound aspects of my ideas, mixing loops of obsessive synthesizers with a work of catchy rhythmics.I hope that the listener can imagine their own musical journey while listening, and that the work is free of interpretation and dreaming.

The EP also includes a remix by Vril. How did this collaboration come about, and what do you feel Vril brings to the track that adds a unique dimension to it?
I have always been a big fan of the work of VRIL, besides his contribution to electronic music through the years, he has always kept a great class in the sounds he designs, a perfectly mastered guideline, as well as tracks with formidable efficiency . He is also an extraordinary and passionate person. We met in Asia during a tour, and I decided to contact him for this project, because as well as my other collaborations, I wanted to work with people who have a particular attachment to music and a deep respect. mRegarding his remix, he was able to reinterpret my melodies with his different hardware synths like roland juno and the pure sound of the real roland 909 to bring a mental dimension, minimal and puristic style to the original track.

What emotions or feelings do you hope listeners will experience when they listen to “Obsession EP”?
One single marching order: introspection !

Your label, Kmyle Records, has been a platform for your own music and collaborations. How has your vision for the label evolved since its inception, and what can fans expect in the future?
For several years now, it has really been a singular expression platform for me. I do not put any boundaries or limits. Today it’s difficult to look at this music with an outside eye (or ear), but what I can say is that it evolves at the same time as myself and I try to advance my sound universe over time. I hope to bring a certain emotional evolution to each release with a touch of surprise.

Your music often blends elements from various genres. Can you share some insights into your creative process and how you achieve this fusion of styles in your tracks?
it’s true that I really love a lot of styles of music from jazz to hip-hop through bass music and rock, all music is a source of inspiration without limit for me. the creativity of some producers including drum and bass leaves me speechless. In production, I get bored quickly, so I always want to try new things, which is where my curiosity comes in. All of this is synthesized in the fact that I can decide to start something like the track ‘Dark Bodega’ from this KML005 with a festive groove mixed with a “filtered chord” , or choose a totally weird sample, and completely rework that to turn it into something else .There is no rule, the main thing is that I can express myself.

Many electronic music producers have a signature sound or a particular instrument they love to incorporate. What’s your go-to piece of gear or production technique that you find yourself using frequently?
it is true that I am often told that my sounds are recognizable among others, but for my part it is difficult to say , of course my “go To” instruments are mainly my elektron machines and some modular synths modules that give me a certain sound texture , but I really use a lot of different instruments and sources. I love “old school” effects or some effects from psychedelic rock music. but I have in any case noticed that whatever the instrument used, My musical philosophy always makes me create sounds that I appreciate and which in the end is close to my universe .

For fans who might not be familiar with your live performances, can you describe your live setup and what makes it unique or special to you?
I like to play live, because I expose myself to the audience with my own music. I love the beauty of live performance errors, I like being able to be free, do crazy, unexpected things.
I used to play a lot with analog machines, but technical problems forced me to reinvent everything in the same way in my computer.. That’s why my current setup has been developed over the years of testing in clubs and festivals with the sole purpose of creating a connection with the audience.. As for my setup in the details, I mainly play with ableton , I have over 170 tracks with each isolated sounds that I can play in any way. I mix this material with rhythmical improvised drums racks like a analog drum machine , as well as several synthesizers and long pads also totally improvised with several sequencers . many personal fx chains are also at my disposal . and then , I build the live arrangement on my controllers that reproduce a 24-track analog mixer because I like to have total control over my elements. sometimes it can go into totally crazy and improvised sessions , but that’s what I like about liveact .

The EP cover art is often an important aspect of a release. Can you share the story behind the artwork for “Obsession” and how it complements the music?
For me a cover art must be a window open to the imagination, but in relation to the theme of music. Being passionate about astronomy, I chose to create a kind of futuristic texture of the ground of an imaginary planet with totally crazy colors, because I think the almost lunar details of a place like this can be totally obsessive, which invites to dream , just like the melody of the main song, heady has obsession.

Finally, what’s next on the horizon for you as an artist and for Kmyle Records? Are there any upcoming projects or collaborations you’d like to tease or share with your fans?
There are so many things I would like to do in the future, so many ongoing collaborations, and so many emerging artists whose work I observe.. I can’t say much, I wish that the surprise could be the master word, all I can say is that we should not expect classical content, but an evolution of what I want to give people. stay tunned !