Hey Kmyle, thanks for joining us, where are you right now?
Hello TechnoMood , thanks for the invite ! I just came back from Berlin, and i’m playing tonight in Brest with my Astropolis Family .

What made you turn your attention to electronic music?
Everyone tries to find their means of expression, to escape their own reality. I found in electronic music my way to transcribe my emotions.

What differs in your live sets from your DJ sets? And what’s more, fun for you to play?
I like both playing djs and live, but in djset, I prefer to play other people’s music to put it in the spotlight. In live, I only play my own tracks, my own sequences of synths and drums that I create live. It’s a very intimate relationship that is created with the public, and the risk taking is so exciting!

In 2020 you launched your label Kmyle Records, what was your vision for your imprint?
First of all, I found that my music was difficult to adapt to the identity of labels. Sometimes melodic, groovy and hard at the same time, finding my place in this way was difficult.
That’s why I decided to create my own platform to have the total freedom over my music, my artistic direction, ultimately, my own vision of things without rules. In May you will release your third EP on Kmyle Records, describe this release in 3 words.
Melancholic , Raw , hypnotic

How much time do you spend in the studio every day?
Personally, I’m a real studio rat. Every day, I spend more than 10 hours a day in my studio to doing and countless number of various tasks haha.

What’s your favorite hardware/software?
Hardware : My modular synth
Software : Ableton live

Which artist has been your biggest influence to date?
There are so many but i would say Thom Yorke and Moby

What inspires you to make music?
I am a skinned alive, everything I have lived goes through me, and I use all my current and past emotions in the process. It is therapy.

How do you define the French underground scene?
Fiery and energetic, in full mutation and hatching .

What are your plans for this summer?
My plans are simple, I will keep on making music, while navigating between festivals where I will be playing, my residency at the Glazart Paris , and while enjoying my friends and my girlfriend, those who have supported me for such a long time.