Hey Lion! How are things?
Hey guys, thanks for your time. Feeling great, hope you do too.

Tell me about this new release on your new label People of Poison, how did this come about?
„Against Them“ originated from tough times that I went through. Somehow a tribute to my past and present. Back then I had to conquer personal loss and a lot of negativity. A process where i had to confront mad people and energies, which have had a very negative impact on my existence. The wording is precise. AGAINST THEM. Against every negativity that drains your energy on the way to follow your way of expression and the art you stand for. As soon as people see your vision’s working out – things change for themselves 😉

What has it been like starting your own label? How does it feel now the journey has begun?
It feels incredible. You need the guts to chase your dreams. Goes off a lot easier with the right boys. Love to my team for always having my back. Nevertheless, I can recommend to anyone who’s got the same goal. Just do it your way. What’s destined for you – will come to you.

What other things do you have in the works for People of Poison?
I’ll tell you one thing. There are some fine extras coming in 2022. Follow people.of.poison on instagram and get on track.

What is the sound and vibe you would like your label to represent?
We definitely address to the emergence of rave culture and the sound of the 90’s. The main focus is on individuality and quality of the artists. On top of that we adapt any releases, music videos and specialized content to the artist and his story, if they desire. An audio-visual experience to harmonize the public communication.

What was your approach for this track? Do you normally have a system when producing?
In fact, I produce regarding my personal situation and mood. My journey of producing starts by the title, which describe emotion and the content to be expressed. A precise idea – well sure, yet every creative process evolves differently over time. I admire that flow of creation.

Are there any artists you admire that you’d like to collab with one day?
I think “admire“is the wrong specification to be used here. I admire every person that stands up for themselves and their own personal form of art and expression. There are so many talented artists in this industry. Each of them deserves respect or in this case, admiration. Collaboration is something I have not planned yet. I’m focusing on my own imprint currently.

What are you most looking forward to this year with your music?
To be honest – it’s the elementary things for me. Finally having the freedom to do my own thing and not be dependent.

What else do you currently enjoy outside of music?l
Music is on me like nothing else. Only thing to keep me sane at the moment.

Anything else coming up from yourself that we can expect in the near future?
A lot. We’ve already packed the following 12 months with releases, event features and collaborations throughout Germany. Accordingly, follow lion.music.tv or people.of.poison on Instagram. We’ll be busting out. Thank you for your time and the opportunity.