Dynamic Italian duo, M.F.S: Observatory have, like all in the industry, had a different year than they expected but with that said, they’ve been extremely busy in the studio and have released many great tracks over the course of 2020; music on Lapsus Music, W&O Street Tracks, Natura Viva through to their very own Observatory Music, its’ been a great year for their music.

We got the chance to host the duo in an exclusive Techno Mood interview below where we discuss their Italian roots, and one of their final 2020 offerings, the ‘Arrange Me’ EP coming on Kneaded Pains label.


How has the year of 2020 been for you, full of challenges?
Still a hard year for us for our vibes but especially for the music industry, hope will finish soon ☺

What did you do with all the free time cause of the lockdowns, did you manage to stay productive?
Yeah, we try to produce as much music as we can in this time, to help us to forget all the problems that Covid-19 causes.

Naples is famous for its minimal techno sound, tell us a bit about your background?
We came from an Electronic music background, our inspiration came from people like Daft Punk, Justice and a lot from producers like Maya Jane Coles, Kerry Chandler. For that reason, our music is full of electronic vibes!

Name some of your favourite Italian DJ’s, any you would like to perform alongside?
We love DJ’s like Donato Dozzy, Marco Faraone, Davide Squillace, but one of our favourite Italian DJ’s is DJ Ralf, he is a pioneer of the underground music scene in Italy, he played everywhere especially in Perugia, where he does a show called “Bella Ciao” the sound is amazing and gave to us a lot of vibes. We would love to play at some Bella Ciao show at some point.

Your upcoming ‘Arrange Me’ release is set to come out on Kneaded Pains, tell us about that and why on this label?
We used to love this Label since the beginning, we love the sound and the artist roster. Also, we are big fans of the label owners Dense & Pika so we made it the Arrange Me Ep during the lockdown and we try to send the demos and they love our sound.

You guys are notorious for unveiling lots of new, quality material, what advice do you give to producers for staying active?
To keep learning and Keep to be passionate about learning new skills, but the most helpful advice is to never give up because this is a really hard sector.
In the studio, what are your favourite pieces of equipment to use, any cool tips?

You are currently based in London, the UK – what are the differences between there and your home country of Italy, in the scene but in general?
It is a different country with different culture, but London now is our home. We love the vibes of this city. The scene is really different in London. You can find any type of music and any type of gig in Naples is quite difficult to find underground music gigs.

For 2021, what are your plans, do you have any goals to achieve for the year?
Would be amazing to start having a normal life again, after that to improve our label Observatory music, try to sign music with any big label and maybe to start a World Tour.