Step into the realm of this techno music exploration, where every synth and kick tell a story. In this exclusive interview, delve into the minds of acclaimed artists Mark Stanton and Ozzy Riot as they unveil the creative genesis behind their latest collaboration, “All You’ve Got.” Discover the intricate fusion of genres, the thematic depth, and the artistic vision that converge to make this release a standout in the techno scene. Join us as we unravel the secrets behind “All You’ve Got” being released on Mainground Music and explore the dynamic partnership between these two visionary musicians.

Can you tell us about the creative process behind “All You’ve Got”?
Mark: Hey guys, thank you for having us! Honestly, this collab has always been a great joy, just because Ozzy is a very chaotic and funny person. (laughs)
Ozzy: Who me? (boths laugh) We created this track in order to build up a very emotional but rock solid peak time experience. It’s mixed up with some EDM vibes as well as the melancholic influence of the metal scene, where we both came from originally.

How did the collaboration between you two come about and what inspired the track’s mood?
Ozzy: We know each other for quite some time now. Last year I did the vocals for Marks track “Rage” which came out on the ADE special of Set About Music in 2023. I was quite impressed by the track! And I saw so much potential in creating something new together, influenced by both of our styles. And the music just flowed naturally. We are complimenting each other in the process very well.

“All You’ve Got” seamlessly blends elements of warehouse techno with melodic accents. Could you elaborate on how you achieved this fusion and the significance of these contrasting elements in
the track?

Ozzy: I’m glad you mention it! This is exacly what we were trying to achieve. We both love to incorperate different elements, styles and combined genres. And all our ideas alligned perfectly together. The track reflects us, our different personalities, our complexity and our never ending urge to break the norm. And It’s a great example of how even two unlike alien individuals can create a symbiosis.
Mark: What she said… (Boths laugh)

Could you shed some light on the decision-making process behind incorporating vocals, and how they contribute to the narrative of the song?
Ozzy: The vocals in ‘All You’ve Got’ are the soul of the track. They support and underline the emotionality of the music itself and serve as a connection to the core of the song’s narrative, which is about deep feelings you´d like to scream out loud, but are maybe too affraid to even think of.
Mark: Everything I say now sounds dumb after her statement but I’ll try (laughs) The decision to incorporate vocals was clear from the beginning. We wanted to create a layer of human touch that synths alone can’t achieve in my opinion. For me It’s essential to enhance the whole storytelling. It’s guiding the listeners through the highs and lows of passion and love.

The track’s title, “All You’ve Got,” suggests a sense of urgency and intensity. Can you delve into the thematic underpinnings of the song and what message or feeling you hope to convey to listeners through its title and lyrics?
Ozzy: The title “All You’ve Got” encapsulates the song’s core message to surrender yourself, It’s the urgent appeal to the listeners to devote themselves to the music, without any prejudice, without inhibition, to just feel it! It’s a rallying cry for resilience and determination.
Mark: Like she said, for us it’s important to create art, not just a track. It’s still techno music but with some kind of empowering statement for all of those who struggle with their feelings, so I guess, for all of us.

Given the diverse influences and styles present in the techno scene today, what aspects of “All You’ve Got” do you believe resonate most strongly with audiences, both longtime techno
enthusiasts and newcomers to the genre?

Mark: I think the track’s driving beats and dynamic progression pays homage to the roots of techno, while it’s more innovative sound design and emotional depth appeals to a newer generation of listeners. It’s this blend of nostalgia and novelty that resonates with audiences, offering a fresh yet familiar experience that captivates both purists and explorers of the genre.
Ozzy: For me it has the perfect mix. It’s driving, wild and pure like oldschool techno and on the other hand you can feel the emotions through the vocals which appeals to a newer generation and probably also wider audience of electronic music lovers.

Mainground Music, helmed by techno artist Belocca, is known for pushing boundaries and championing innovative sounds. How does “All You’ve Got” align with the label’s ethos, and what
was your experience like working with Mainground Music on this release?

Mark: Real talk, I dealed with many different artists and labels in the industry. Some experiences were great, some were not. But Belocca is different from everyone I worked with. He is super focused and professional. He is reflecting your work from an artist perspective. He is not interested in making money or gaining attention. He is an artist, creating art. And that’s what he is signing to his label. It’s what you get when you work with Mainground.
Ozzy: Belocca is a very authentic and kind person. He is leading Mainground with love and passion. You can feel that. The Label Manager Bas, from Get Real Management, has always been super kind and helpful as well. I’m am very happy to be given the opportunity to work with that kind of professional and open minded people in the business. It’s clear to me, the universe has brought us together! (laughs)

Looking ahead, what do Mark Stanton and Ozzy Riot have in store for fans after the release of “All You’ve Got”? Are there any upcoming projects or tour dates on the horizon that you can tease for us?
Ozzy: Uhhhh guys there is some real catnip coming up soon! (laughs) Of course, for now all the attention is on “All You’ve Got”. But I am constantly working on new tracks. My next one is almost done and all I wish for is that people appreciate my art and of course, another cool label to sign it! Hey Eli Brown! – sign my stuff! (both laugh)
Mark: Same here. Around August I will release on the brand new label of Marie Vaunt called “Kurai”. The track is called “Incantation” and it will be punchy and driving as hell, also with an emotional breakdown, powerful female vocals and first time ever for me – some dirty acid synths!

Ozzy: Big shoutout to Marie Vaunt at this point for her amazing support and kindness and of course, for the great music she constantly creates.
Ozzy: Thank you for having us guys! We appreciate your support!
Mark: Absolutely! Thank you so much for the interview!