Hi Mauro, thanks for talking to us today! How are you, and where are you based at the moment?
Hey guys! Thanks for having me. I’m fine, thank you 🙂 At the moment, unfortunately, I live in the province of Verona (Italy), but I can’t wait to change that soon!

For those of our readers who are unfamiliar, can you please tell us more about yourself?
I am a young DJ/Producer, and I’m very passionate about music.For those who don’t know me, I have been releasing on some of the best labels in House music over the past half decade, including Repopulate Mars, REALM, Sola, EMI, Relief, SPINNIN’ DEEP, Dirtybird and many more.

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Your new EP ‘Sirens’ is out now on Hot Creations. Can you tell us more about the release?
Yes it is incredible! Actually, this EP came about by pure chance – like most of my releases. I never thought I would sign on Hot Creations. I had this track, ‘Sirens’, that I had recently produced, but I had some rejections from some labels, so I thought I would send it to Jamie. Incredibly after a while, I got an email from Jamie telling me he loved this track and to send him more to create a possible EP. From there, it was joined by ‘Prison’, which had been Patrick Topping playing me at his parties for months, and then ‘Symphony’.

What is your production process like? Do you have a similar formula, or just see how it flows?
I have no big secret, if I’m honest. I am a workaholic, I create goals for myself every day to achieve at certain times, and I work hard every day without holidays, without truces and without excuses.

You’ve had some big releases on the likes of Relief, Repopulate Mars and Realm Records. What does this mean to you?
Thank you so much. I realize that I am getting great results and accumulating great labels. It means a lot to me. First of all, because it is a great satisfaction to be part of these labels, run by the biggest names in this music industry. Secondly, it means even more to me because, at the moment, I am living a different life from the one you would typically expect from an artist with these kinds of releases. I’m hoping that in time, with a continuation of good music on renowned labels, I can take my career to the next level and start being present in clubland globally.

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Do you have any advice for upcoming DJs and producers?
I would say that it’s important to remember that in order to go far, there are sacrifices to make. It’s a real job that requires time and effort but also brings a lot of satisfaction. Sadly, there are a lot of people that do it for the wrong reasons. It would be nice to see more people approach the industry with a genuine passion and no egos. You have to be prepared to be realistic to get where you want to be. Doing it for the right reasons is good for the industry as a whole, and I think we need more of that.

Finally, do you have any forthcoming projects or gigs coming up that you can tell us about?
Good question. Regarding productions, I am working on many things, many projects, and I look forward to being able to give news in the near future. Regarding the gigs, sadly, I don’t have anything at the moment. I’m hoping it won’t be long before that changes, and I’m working with the rest of my team to start looking at club shows and festivals in the future.