mr c

After a fine debut last year, Summer of Love is back with a bang this year. It will be on Saturday 17th September 2022 from 12pm – 11pm at Billing Aquadrome Northampton with live acts to the bill to compliment the very best of underground & cutting-edge British Dance Music talent. On top of this are fun fair attractions and food stands with everything from dub to techno to minimal to reggae for Mr.C, Adamski, Robert Owens, Eddie Richards, Jazzy M, Kid Batchelor, Terry Farley & more.

How are you, what’s good and bad in your world?
I’m great thank you, Life is all very exciting right now, with Summer Love festival coming up & Burning Man next week. It’s been a great summer doing wonderful shows. We also have a string of releases ready for Superfreq, which is very exciting after our 5 month break. Lots of challenging things are happening, but nothing bad.

How different is the music you make and play and listen to in summer vs winter?
I don’t make music any differently in different seasons. Of course if I’m playing an afternoon set outdoors in the summer it’s maybe going to be a little deeper & more melodic but I’ll still build up to some proper acid.

Are you thinking about the audience, the dance floor, a certain club or setting when making music?
No. When I make music I simply think about the music I’m making. I’ve very present when making music so it’s never about past or future shows. I’ll usually come up with a loose idea for a track & then let the Universe lead the way with the ideas it throws up. It’s a bit like following the arrow.

What gave you the idea for summer love festival?
My partner DJ Chalk E White came to me with the idea of doing a one day event last year. After the pandemic people were itching to get back out & for sure we have a third summer of love approaching, so spreading love is what it’s all about. We’re living in challenging times right now but good people who love great music still need to celebrate life, forgetting about the problems of yesterday & solutions of tomorrow & celebrate now with love. It’s the perfect way to close the summer festival season.

How hard was it to get off the ground? what were the biggest challenges?
It’s been extremely hard to get off the ground. Last year’s inaugural Summer Love was arguably the most stressful time putting on an event I’ve ever had. The festival was pure magic though, which has inspired us to come up with a 10 year growth plan for what we’ll keep as a boutique festival.

Were the council and government helpful or was it an uphill battle?
Totally an uphill battle this year. We didn’t manage to get our license for our Surrey site but have since found an even better site in Billing Aquadrome, which is perfect for us moving forward. Summer Love will still have all 5 stages as advertised for a one day festival, but with the site change come more options. We’ve now added a Friday evening welcome party & an all day Sunday party at no extra ticket cost for those who chose to join us for the weekend instead of just the day. This new site includes an aqua park, crazy golf & fun fair & there’s even a pub showing football on Saturday & Sunday. The entire site is simply perfect.

What’s changed and improved for this year?
Everything has changed. With this new site we have camping, lodges & glamping that all needs to be booked at
The infrastructure is way better, real toilets, showers & all creature comforts. This site has become a serious upgrade on every level.

Who are you personally most looking forward to seeing?
Saytek live. He’s amazing. We’re about to release 4 tracks from his Live at Summer Love Festival last year on Superfreq.

And what will you bring, what should people expect from your own sets?
I’ll be playing an old school acid house set, but digging deep to find some forgotten gems. I’ll also be doing my very first proper Mr.C live PA doing 4 songs. I’ll be accompanied throughout by David H percussion. We have something very special lined up.