Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your upcoming single, “Tutto Bene,” and how it came to be?
‘Tutto Bene’ was created spontaneously during a trip to Italy one year ago with my girlfriend (now wife ?), Ruty. We were walking in the streets of Venice when Ruty started singing to herself in gibberish-Italian. Suddenly, she went, ‘Tutto Bene, Tu Tu Tu Tu Bene.’ I looked at her, took out my phone, and immediately recorded her. Two weeks later, I used that spontaneous recording in the studio and created what we know today as the track. ? I think it’s safe to say that the inspiration for that song was love. Fun and friendship turned into a song, and that’s what it’s all about.

What was it like collaborating with your spouse, Ruty Klein, on this track?
Making music with your loved one is a great gift and a very unique journey. I’m grateful it happened, and I’ll make sure to do it again! Very soon ?

How did your partnership with Moscoman’s label, Disco Halal, come about?
I’ve known Moscoman for many years, back when he was living in Tel Aviv, and I’ve always been a fan of his music, work, and label. It’s a privilege to release on such a renowned label where so many amazing artists have released. Also, my manager, Moti Landesman, is a good friend of Moscoman’s. When I let Moti hear ‘Tutto Bene,’ he looked at me and said, “Disco Halal!”

Could you walk us through your typical creative process when producing a track? Do you have any specific rituals or techniques that you find particularly helpful?
My main process is waiting for the moment when I feel it’s coming out of me, like going to the bathroom, haha. That’s when I run to the studio and just let it be. Most of the time, I finish a track in a few hours, and then I come back to do another mixing session, and that’s it. If you overthink music, the magic’s gone.

What gear/plugins do you use?
I mostly use my voice, an electric guitar, samples from around the internet, and in terms of VST, I like to use Diva, some Fabfilter plugins, and some Waves plugins.

As an artist based in Tel Aviv, how would you describe the electronic music scene in the city? What makes it unique or special?
Tel Aviv is vibrant with music all day and night, so it’s really an amazing time to live here in that manner. I don’t know many cities where you can have 10-15 gigs a month without leaving your city at all. There are parties every day of the week, and on the weekend, you can go to 4-5 big clubs and 10 dance bars. So yeah, I think it’s pretty special. For me, it’s inspiring and a boost to work harder. I love Tel Aviv.

Are there any particular artists that have had a significant influence on your musical style and sound?
I think I’m inspired by a lot of different kinds of music. In the electronic scene, I think Rebolledo (and his whole crew and label – Hippie Dance) and of course Pachanga Boys were a real inspiration for me in terms of mixing rock, punk, and disco into techno/house music. Also, Red Axes had an impact on the way I approach music. When you see them, you can see they have fun playing, and when you hear their music, you can hear they had fun creating it. It’s something I try to remember when living

You’ve been on the road a lot recently, either playing live or DJing. Can you share any interesting anecdotes or stories from your travels? Any standout moments or unexpected challenges you’ve faced?
For me, it’s all about the people who invite me to play and getting to know their culture and surroundings. For example, visiting Istanbul for Phonix Klein and eating the best kebab of my life while getting to know people who have become good friends. Another memorable experience was performing at the legendary Fabric in London, where I had one of the best performances in my career and felt the incredible vibe of the people there. It’s very rewarding, but also very challenging. Traveling frequently, getting minimal sleep on weekends, and working 24/7 without much vacation can be a demanding lifestyle. However, I’m extremely happy to be able to do what I love and make a living from it!

As an artist who excels in both live performances and DJ sets, how would you describe the differences? What aspects of performing live do you find most rewarding compared to DJing? Conversely, are there any specific aspects of DJing that you particularly enjoy or find fulfilling?
Making a live show is a one-hour performance where I do ten things in a second, so it’s very intense. I’m fully engaged with the crowd, and my mind is constantly focused on what’s coming in the next two seconds. I love it, and it’s incredibly fun when everything goes well. However, it can also be stressful because any mistake is instantly noticeable to the crowd. DJing, on the other hand, is more about being in a Zen-like state. While it’s still exciting and engaging, I find it to be a peaceful experience. It’s where I feel safe, comfortable, and can simply have fun. Since I’ve spent countless hours DJing in my life, it has become second nature to me. For me, the key is finding a balance between live shows and DJ sets, where I can enjoy the best of both worlds!

Do you have anything you are looking forward to in the future that you would like to share?
I’m super excited about this year! I have upcoming releases on Get Physical, Watergate Records, Blue Shadow, and my own label, Band Apart. Some of these releases include collaborations with amazing artists like Petite Meller, Rafael Cerato, Omri Smadar, and more. I also have numerous tours and gigs abroad, and I can’t wait to meet both old and new friends. Tutto Bene, I think! ❤️