With more than 10 years of international experience behind him, Oscar L is one of the essential names of the Iberian electronic scene. Personality, perseverance and energy define him and are qualities that are also found in his particular sound, a combination of influences and peculiarities that have caught the attention of the best labels on the globe, such as Suara, Toolroom, Truesoul, 1605, Stereo or Material, amongst others, all of them being connoisseurs of the talent and the effectiveness that the productions of the Spanish artist reunite.

A tasteful mixture that have been used to put a good handful of tracks at the top of the Techno and House charts. These capabilities have given Oscar the opportunity to travel the world making the most diverse audiences dance. Dozens of cities from different continents throughout the world have enjoyed the intensity and warmth that his sets transmit to the dance floor. But the diffusion of his music does not end there, for a few years now, Oscar has also been directing his own radio show, D-Mix, which is broadcasted in 16 countries through 120 different stations. Oscar L’s professional framework continues to expand, foreshadowing a prolific future and a privileged position amongst the most outstanding figures of his country.

Hi Oscar L, a very warm welcome to Techno Mood. Great to have you with us for the first time. Please can you introduce yourselves to our Techno Mood readers?

Hi guys, it’s a big pleasure for me! Oscar L is a deejay and producer from Spain, with releases in big labels like Drumcode, Truesoul, Tronic, Stereo… Playing at events all over the world. I like to play good music, don’t care about tags, just good music! ?

How has your 2020 been so far?

Honestly, it started really well, January it was full of highlights. I got the number 2 on Beatport with my remix for Chus & Ceballos,

Signed my first Drumcode that will be released on April 27th, full of great gigs… but right now all of us we have a really bad situation due to the covid19.

Congratulations on the release of your ‘Dark Fate’ on Drumcode. Can you talk to us about the record and the creative process behind it?

Thanks! I started to work on it in late 2019. I wanted to try some techno but a bit groovy and with an epic break. I got inspired by the movie Terminator and voila, Dark Fate.

This is your first release on Drumcode. How did the introduction to label come about?

It’s my first release on Drumcode, yes, but I have been working with Adam in Truesoul. Truesoul is his second label, focus more on groovy and progressive sounds. I released 3 EP there in 2 years and remixes for Andrea Oliva, not bad at all.

Any suggestions or tips for the upcoming artist who like to see there work on Drumcode?

These tips are not only for Drumcode, but you should also have a unique sound and style to get differentiated by the rest of the producers.

What can we expect next from Oscar L?

I just signed a new EP at Knee Deep in Sound (Hot since 82 label). Last year I release here too and it’s a label that I really like his sound.

What are your favourite pieces of studio equipment right now? (Please name at least three)

I just bought a new toy, it’s a Dangerous 2 bus + for summing, my apollo x16 and my headphones Sennheiser 650.

Who or what were your biggest musical influences growing up?

I grew up listen progressive on the radio. Then when I turned 14 and I went for the first time to a club and I discover more techno and other commercial styles, I have a big mix into my head but I never liked pop music or this kind of styles.

What have you got planned for the rest of the year?

It seems that all of us in the industry we are going to have time to work on new tracks, doing sport and enjoy the time with our friends and family.

Any final words for our Techno Mood readers?

Thanks, guys for the support to the scene!