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Pazkal is a Swiss electronic artist best known for his delivery of some fantastic techno tracks. He’ll be featuring at the debut edition of this years’ Verve festival in Switzerland, hosted in May.

How are you, what has your 2022 started like?
Hi Guys, my 2022 started very well…thanks. In Switzerland, the Clubs were open since mid-2021, reduced to 2GPlus…but it was better than nothing. Since the end of February, we are back without restrictions, and I can’t wait for summertime with a lot of fantastic open air events.

What is the scene in Switzerland like where you are, are you a lone operator or are you part of a vibrant and creative community?
Switzerland has so many talented musicians in all genres. For the size of the country the number of musicians is outstanding. It’s like a big and colourful flower field. I personally have some amazing people around me…as a Resident at Klaus Club in Zurich, as part of the BaBaLu-Parties and also with our newest Baby, the Record-Label Klaus:elle.
I’m blessed to be part of amazing teams with so many talented and unique people….

Tell us about growing up there, and how you got into music in the first instance – was it the community or via radio and internet that really got you into the sound?
As a Boy around 13-14 years old, I saw some Videos from the Oldschool-HipHop-DJ’s as Grandmaster Flash, DJ Premier, Jazzy Jeff and others…and from this moment I knew what was my destiny.

So, I started to save up money for a DJ-Setup….and then i made my first steps in my Bedroom at my parents house. It was never my endeavour to be successful or famous….it was my thing to create and mix some music. Then step by step I came deeper and deeper into this scene and started licking the blood…and from then on I never saw back…

Is there a certain sound that is unique there, a certain take on house and techno that separates it from the rest of the world?
From my Point of view Zurich Scene is open for all kinds of electronic Music, but it should never be too fast in terms of BPM. In the early days it was a bit different because the Club scene was also different with bigger venues. But since the smaller clubs are Zurich’s front row, the sound is slower…and in my eyes also groovier.

What artists have been the most inspiring to your sound and your journey in dance music?
really good question…. There are a lot…really a lot. I love a lot of 80’s stuff from Stoke/Aitken/Waterman….OldSchool HipHop from Grandmaster Flash, Mele Mel, Zulu Nation, Eric B & Rakeem.
Stuff from Neptunes / Pharell Williams… Dr. Dre since NWA till today….The early NY-House from Strictly Rhythm….but to give you an answer for electronic Music: Daft Punk!

You will be performing at Verve Festival in Switzerland this May, a brand new and industrial setting for an event. What are you expecting?
No expectation because I know 100% I will have a great time with good music, amazing people and smiling faces.

Please share a release you have heard recently that you have enjoyed.
This changes almost every week. But a release I really like these days is Klaus:Elle 004 from Gorge “Never thought” EP with Remixes from Deetron and Marco Berto.

What is one track that will always stay with you no matter what and why is that?
Daft Punk feat Pharell “Lucky”…because we heard it so much when my son was born and till today it made me smile about the good memories.

What is one artist you would like to perform b2b alongside?
..everyone who surprises me with music I have never heard before…if it should be one: Damian Lazarus would be cool…he is like a Music-Lexicon on Legs!