Thanks for joining us today at Techno Mood! You are one of the latest fastest rising talents to come out of the Spanish electronic scene recently – how did your career in music begin?
Hey! The pleasure is all mine! My music career started at a very early age. When I was 13 I was very curious to learn the processes of music making and I decided to download and learn Fruity Loops Studio. From that moment on I have not stopped making beats.

You’ve recently made big waves with your own sound on labels such as Solid Grooves and elrow, which artists and creatives have inspired you most over the years?
I have always been a big fan of hiphop producers, so a lot of my inspiration actually comes from outside of electronic music. I really admire artists like Pharrell, Kanye West or Dr Dre.

Your new ‘All Of A Sudden’ EP sees you return to Revival New York following your chart-topping ‘Excuse Me’ remix which claimed number one on the Beatport minimal chart for weeks. How do you feel to be returning for your first EP on the label?
The development and growth the label has had in such a short time is incredible! Its a real pleasure for me to be part of the Revival family, and what other better way is there to celebrate it than with this EP.

What was your production process for the EP?
I always start all of my tracks with a simple beat, and from then on I start to paint and shape the whole track. The process is similar to painting a picture, but we’re just doing it with sounds.

The record also features a heavy-hitting remix from What NxT label boss and core FUSE artist Rich NxT, how does it feel having such a high calibre tastemaker of the London scene on the release?
Rich has always been one of my favourite producers, he has a lot of character and personality in his music. Also as soon as you listen to the remix you can feel it’s his from the very first second.

It’s no surprise you’ve been playing some big parties this year, what’s been the highlight of your summer so far?
Without a doubt it has been Amnesia. I was lucky enough to play the Terrace with artists I respect like Bn Sterling or Cuartero. There is still a bit of summer to go and I still have two more dates in Ibiza (Solid Grooves at DC10 and elrow at Amnesia) so I am still on cloud nine.

What’s next in the pipeline after this release?
I like to be very careful with my releases… I don’t like to release a lot of music. However, something I can tell you in advance is that I have an EP with Moan in October and I’m also working on a couple of new EPs now that I have a little break.

Finally, as a Barcelona native what is the best club in the city?
Input is probably one of my favourite clubs where I have played. Its the pure essence of what a club should be and people are really up for it!