Scoom Legacy is a talented producer and DJ who has been mastering his craft over the years, he recently made his impact on us with his “Flow” EP on the famous, Knee Deep In Sound. More recently the Spanish artist turned out another amazing release on Terrnova Records, entitled ‘Turbulence’. We can see Scoom having further bright years ahead and that is why we wanted to chat to him personally…

Hi, thanks for chatting with us today. Tell us a little about your background in music and where you are from?
A pleasure! I’m from Girona, Catalonia (Spain) and I grew up listening to house, Techno, breaks, Jazz, Speed Garage,…In 2009 my old project ONE D was born, where I released music on labels like SINCOPAT, Natura Sonoris…and now I added breaks, hip hop and soundtracks to the recipe to experiment with Scoom Legacy.

When did you start to produce music? and DJ? What was your first DJ set up?
I started around 2000 with a Playstation game with which I spent hours creating, and as a DJ since 1998 with my only “Acoustic Controll” turntable combined with an Akiyama mixer and a single CD player without even pitch. In the end it’s not what you use, but how you use it and how much you want to learn 🙂

Congratulations on your amazing “Flow EP” earlier in the year on Knee Deep In Sound, how did it feel to release on such a major label? How did the release come about?
Thank you very much! For me it was a real gift, an incredible experience. At a time of musical uncertainty in the middle of a pandemic, to be valued for the music you make and to be liked by one of your long-time favourite artists and labels is priceless.

Up next is your “Turbulence” EP on Terranova Records, is there a story behind the EP? When did you create the tracks?
Turbulence was an idea from 2018 that represents the out-of-control moment I lived through, full of changes and which I recently updated with care. Some time later, Atypical Sunrise is pure emotion created one day when you contemplate that those changes have been for the better. The fact that they were together on the EP represents that moment even more, and Terranova is a label with a brutal potential, I’m super happy.

How often are you in the studio? And what kind of set up are you using?
Less than I would like… I try to dedicate at least a couple of hours a day and be constant, on lucky days I spend 6 hours if life allows me to. Basically, I work with software and a couple of midi controllers for when I’m creative (Push 2, Apc40 and a Launch Control together with a midi keyboard), Neumann monitors and little else, no hardware synths… I bet 100% on my creativity, it’s irreplaceable.

Do you have anything else coming up in the world of Scoom Legacy you can tell us about?
I have a very special new EP coming out with singer Adriana Muntané that I hope will find a good label to release it on, and I’m working on new material for the next few months with other fantastic artists.

What are your goals as an artist in the next years?
I’ve been passionate and fulfilled with life as a DJ for many years, so I would love to play more often internationally, and to be able to publish on my favourite labels as my own goals, as well as to create the soundtrack for a science fiction series or film… That would fill me with illusion above all.

If you have one piece of advice for a young producer just starting, what would it be?
In the creative field, whatever it is, create and follow your own path. Work very hard without expecting rewards or praise, just push forward and don’t sleep. Bet on standing out with your music; when you bet on original or different ideas you face a lot of “it’s not what we are looking for”, but you have to get out of the “fold”. But you have to get out of the herd and keep believing in yourself to see that you are on the right path.

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