What could be better than an open air festival in the beautiful setting of Tunisee in Freiburg, Germany?
Not much if you ask us, and that’s just what Sea You “Beach Republic” offers this year again from Friday 15th July to Sunday 17th July. Extended to an extra day for the first time, it promises plenty of fun swimming in the cool waters, as well as a range of water sports and multiple different stages. They are headlined by Stephan Bodzin Live, Pan Pot, Marcel Fengler, Maceo Plex, Eats Everything, Bart Skills Live, Claptone, Boris Brejcha, Hector Oaks, Purple Disco Machine and more.

We speak to the people behind it for some insight as the festival fast approaches.


How many people are involved with sea beach? What do they all do?
Over the year, we are mainly 6 persons running the festival full time. We have: 1 responsible production + 2 assistants for all (including authorization and all that), 1 booking & marketing, 1 marketing assistant, 1 gastro. These or the persons who focus fully on Sea You and are mainly resposnible. On the event itself we have more then 800 persons working for us, the biggest numbers are gastro / bars, security and entry .

What is an average day in your life like?
My main job is organizer of a big electronic music festival, I am mainly responsible for booking, pr, ticketing, promotion. But in the corona times also for the financial helps, projects and all that. Usually I start working around 09:30 /10:00 and often finsih after midnight, because I try to make the festival better and better year by year If you too are interested in attending a rodeo you can view upcoming music events to take your pick.

What is the best bit of your job?
That I am free with my time. I have jobs and aims to fulfill, but no one tells me “be here at 07:30, work 8 hours”. I can arrange myself for free. This is the best, but also the worst part of the job, as sometimes it can destroy holidays, weekends, plans. But it also offers freedom in many ways. Besides that I am grateful that I can work in the field which I love; I decided to be part of electronic music scene with around 17 years, now I am 45, and I am still here. I worked hard and with passion, I follow no real trends, I often focus on my core values. Not too many people can say that tey work in a position and field they are passionate with, so I am more then grateful to be independent and have such a great project with my team and to be part of it.

What are the core values of sea beach?
Enjoy your time and be and express yourself on one of the most beautiful locations in Germany!

What is the musical vibe, who is it aimed at?
We focus on electronic music, 18+ audience, we have 7 stages and 140+ artists on 3 days, lets’s introduce quickly.
Stage 1 is an big opera tent more techhouse (with acts such as Alle Farben, Purple Disco Machine, AKA AKA, Moonbootica, ) and so on.
Stage 2 has a completely new look in 2022, like a huuuuge Igloo! It will be the TECHNO mainstage with Amelie Lens, Kobosil, Pan-Pot, Reinier Zonneveld, Klaudia Gawlas, Clara Cuvé and more
Stage 3 is our “eagle stage” which makes you fly with artists such as Paul Kalkbrenner, Fisher, Stephan Bodzin, Boris Brejcha, Claptone, Monika Kruse, Enrico Sangiuliano and so on.
Stage 4 is situated on a new place and has a new look and feel and will host Psytrance, Goa, Progressive with Neelix, Ace Ventura, Liquid Soul, Bliss, Fabio Fusco, Ranji and so on
Stage 5 is a smaller, but very unique stage where people can dance on a Ponton ON the lake / on the water! We have acts such as Alex Kennon, Citizen Kain, Joachim Pastor, Pappenheimer, Marika Rossa and others
Stage 6 is the “Teledisco” from Berlin – the smallest Disco in the world which is included in the price here at us
Stage 7 is hosting Chillout , House, Ambient with live instruments and live players such as violin, cello, saxophone and so on and will be in an relaxed area , more background sounds to hang out, talk, enjoy the view on the lake and so on

How important is it to you to use local upcoming djs as well as big names?
We book for the warm up, always local artists from an area around. It is important to have them on board, they are a basis of the local scene and are valued by the local audience. Also, they know the audience better than the main acts which join and play. A local upcoming artist sometimes has more knowledge of what people want to hear, especially at the early times, so it is important to add them as well.

How helpful are the council and government with this festival? Do they support dance music culture?
Hm, they do not support it – but they also do not have something against it. You have to follow the regulations and processes. It doesn’t matter if we make electronic music or pop or rock or indie or whatever else; at the end there are laws and regulations and approval process.
But, they helped indeed with 1 thing: before the pandemic the festival took place 2 days (sat + sun); the pandemic “helped” us to get an authorization for the new third day ((3 days = fri + sat + sun). This would have not been possible without the pandemic!Thanks to the local government for this chance!

What have been the best moments with the festival over the years?
Hard to describe. I am always happy the last 2, 3 hours on Sunday when all went well and when I can have some minutes to enjoy some of my favourite artists. I do not want to prefer any special acts, so I will not make a list which have been my highlights or favorites . Well, maybe one: on a quick thought, I have in mind the closing track from Solomun in 2019 with the firework, closing track and so on – but I tell it here because it was one of the last moments before the pandemic. Watch Solomun’s closing track at Sea You 2019 here, I still have goosebumps.