Umberto Pagliaroli

Italy’s Umberto Pagliaroli recently made a collaborative debut alongside Mexico’s Andruss, together releasing the dancefloor heater ‘Mueve’ on Hot Creations. To mark the coming together of two exciting talents, we invited Umberto Pagliaroli for a chat to find out more about the release and what he’s been up to. Enjoy!

Hey Umberto, nice to have you with us today! How are you and whereabouts in the world are you based at the moment?
I’m very well thanks. Today I am in my studio, a stone’s throw from home, in San Felice Circeo.

What’s the music scene been like there recently?
In these places where I grew up music has always been at the center marking generations and fashions, parties and above all my path. It is thanks to the shared passion for this musical genre that in my area it was possible to organize large events even before it became a trend in Italy. Today the whole world is aware of the greatness of this music scene, everyone is fascinated by it.

This month marks your debut on the iconic Hot Creations imprint alongside Andruss. Congratulations on this release. What’s the story behind Mueve?
The story of Mueve was born like this: I had this idea in the pipeline with this vocal. I talked to Andruss to start doing some collaborations and I let him listen to this idea.
He exclaims it’s a bomb! I send him all the stems and he gets to work and sends me back the rearranged track the next day. I listen and tell him: now it’s a masterpiece. Naturally then we contacted El Apache Ness who immediately decided to be part of the project.

It also marks the first time you have collaborated with Andruss. How did you and Andruss first cross paths and what inspired you to work together on Mueve?
As mentioned above, Andruss and I met to start collaborations. Naturally living in different places we work remotely as is done today in most cases.

Label-boss Jamie Jones has been playing ‘Mueve’ out a lot in recent times, how has it felt to see the support that the track has gained and to now be a part of the label’s history?
Jamie Jones is a big artist and he always plays wonderful music. “MUEVE” he chose it and made it part of his own label. He likes it and enjoys it, this is what matters to me. I’m thrilled with the achievement, at Hot Creations the support has been really huge.

Can you tell us a bit about the creative process? How did you two approach creating Mueve?
Mueve was born from a vocal taken on youtube. Initially it had a different bass but then a more current arrangement was created with percussion variations that characterize the track and a more present bassline.

Do you and Andruss have plans to work together again in the future?
Yes, we have another ep coming out and other collaborations to carry on. Definitely make my follow up to Mueve con El Apache Ness. As they say, ‘you don’t change a winning team’ 😉

Thanks a lot for chatting with us today Umberto and congrats again on the release! To round things off, is there anything else upcoming that you’d like to share with us?
Well I would like to thank you for this interview and I hope to come back busy to tell you more good stories.