Hello guys! Great to have you with us today. How are you both and whereabouts are you based right now?
We are based in Oslo. Inner city life. We like it that way.

So we are pleased to be chatting with you following the release of your album, ‘Reactivate’ on Snick Snack Music. Firstly congrats on the release, it makes for an eclectic and gripping listen! What can you tell us about the album and what was it that first inspired you to create ‘Reactivate’?
Thanks for having us. We were always hanging out and talking about music and life. So we thought why not put some time in and make some music. We have very different backgrounds in music, but we “gel” pretty good when in the studio. We just talked about periods in music, and started jamming. Pretty straight forward.

When did work begin on the album and where did you create it?
It started around 2017 when we had a studio together. We used to spend some Sundays working together. We now have seperate studios, but there will be more music from us. We have so many sketches and tracks that are almost finished. All over the place musically, from digi-dub thru weird electronics and just classic house and techno. We even made a rock n roll stomper with guitars and stuff. Always having a good time. We also made some music for a clothing brand launch, but they did not like it.

Snick Snack Music is a label you have graced previously and makes a perfect home for the album. We heard the label quoted as saying “Reactivate encapsules almost everything we love about dance music: from gorgeous strings to warm analogue production, to its timeless sound and originality. This is electronic music with a big heart. The kind of music that got us into electronic music in the first place.” An amazing quote to read! What is your relationship like with the label and how is it working with them?
We Have known the snick snackers for a long time. They are fantastic people, and they really care about the music. It’s nice to be able to just phone up your label if something is on your mind. Or hang out and drink coffee and chat. We are easy boys as well, and don’t think this music thing is going to make us rich,so it’s more important with friendship and having a good time. Not that we would mind if our music got used in a hollywood movie or something.

Do you have a personal favourite from the album?
Entering Uranus.

Can you run us through the equipment used in the creation of Reactivate?
Ohh,loads of old broken gear with no midi functioning etc.the usual Roland drum machines, cz5000, korgs, some new hardware as well. Kaman is a hoarder when it comes to gear. The gearfather. So there is always some old forgotten machine laying around collecting dust and begging to be used.

We’d love to hear the story of how you first formed Wild Flowers? How did you guys meet and what sparked the project?
We met in a record shop in 2004, and we just clicked. Same humor, we both love music, but from a very different approach. We thought it would be fun to jam out some tracks, as we think (at least in Norway), people would not guess we would start up a music project together.

What’s next for Wild Flowers from here?
Finish some more tracks. But most of all, enjoy the summer while it lasts. Loads of DJing, separately, not together.

Thank you for your time today Øyvind and Kaman! To round off, is there anything else you’d like to share with us or our readers?
Don’t take things so seriously. Life is better when you laugh. Thanks for having us. Much appreciated.