Vienna-based down. record label presents its 7th down.tape, released on 3 August which features acclaimed Canadian born and now Brooklyn based Producer Niki Sadeki who delivers ’Star Trails’. With ’Star Trails’, the Quetame co-owner follows her celebrated ‘Her Fire’ EP with a brilliantly deep, dark and atmospheric cut which is perfect for peak-time dancefloors.

With the compilation, down. invited their current favorite electronic artists to come on board for their seventh instalment of the popular series. Of course, this does not include those who have already been part of an earlier compilation. It’s really nice to see how fast the scene is growing and new interesting musicians are entering the stage. Without them it would not be possible to create such beautiful and varied releases.

With down.tape °7, the label moves into a diverse direction, hoping dancefloors will glow. The compilation features 17 tracks in total, all of which were produced with a lot of passion and heart from artists including Niki Sadeki, Sydka, Kapoor, Reyneke, Benoir, and Laurent Flaoh.