Famous “Billie Jean” from Michael Jackson that was released in 1982, gets remixed in an electronic dance version. Two young Macedonian DJs and producers Ninno Mancini and Avensis join their forces, knowledge and experience and from this legendary song they made a perfect new and modern version. This remix is actually their first ever project that they worked together on and that also means that they join their tastes, hard work and ambition so they can achieve their desired goal.

“I’m proud that out there are still people who are enthusiasts and people who love electronic dance music, I’m also proud that there are still some of my colleagues who want to work on music production and deliver to people and basically all listeners something that is really quality and unique. I’m glad that me and Avensis are on the same page and we try to make something really special that the younger generation will recognize”, Ninno Mancini, Macedonian DJ and producer.

For ambitious Аvensis, “Billie Jean” was another project that was successfully done, this project required a lot of attention and patience.
“Every successful project is a result that contains a lot of hard work and really long nights full ofwork. This project was really a challenge but together with Ninno Mancini and our capabilities we complement each other perfectly. I hope this won’t be our last work and i’m really looking forward that in future we gonna work on more project together with Ninno Mancini”, emphasized Avensis

Otherwise, Ninno Mancini is macedonian DJ and producer who comes from Shtip.He was building his career in countries like: Italy, United Kingdom and Macedonia. His sets have been listened to by a big audience in different clubs and in a lot of private parties in and out of Macedonia. He was also playing on big stages such as: Revolution Festival, Exit, Signal Fest, Green Fest etc. Ninno Mancini music was part of big industry labels such as: Renesanz Record and Yin Yang Records. A lot of his music was also released in his own label Techno Mood Records.

Avensis is 22 years old electronic DJ and producer who comes from Vinica. His releases was supported by the biggest artists in the industry such as: DJs From Mars, Showtke, Jewelz & Sparks, Plastik Funk and many many more. Behind him was two tours made in Norway and a lot of successful releases such as: “Say That You Are Mine”, “Karen”, “She Wants” and many more..