Mancini’s last release „How Do You Know” received a great feedback in all music stores and has been streamed a lot so today it’s a big pleasure to announce that Ninno Mancini is back on Techno Mood Records for his third release this time called
Poison“ He delivered one single track that resemble his production style and music plays in his sets.

You know he is coming strong and this time he is getting filthy, full of groove with epic hard-hitting beat accompanied by captivating melancholic stabs and rolling bass to get any club circuit going.

„Lockdown in the studio I had to much time on my hands to check some of my unfinished track and got inspired to finish „Poison“ this track was an old project that was passionately waiting on my storage so I had plenty of time to add the final touches and this are the results hope you will enjoy it“Ninno Mancini

You can stream or download it HERE