Amsterdam-based DJ/Producer van Pol exploded onto the international techno scene with his own take on minimal style, having previously released on MINUS, SCI+TEC, IDEAL AUDIO and REJECTED as well as his own FADE label. His dynamic approach to music has since enthralled listeners worldwide and sets the tone for performances this summer at Welcome to the Future Festival and Loveland. ‘Immediate’ opens the EP with a distant, yet emphatic bass, and a clamour of ominous horns, evoking a perilous, subterranean, time without end. Tingling high notes duel with their own echoes in ‘Captious’ and a knife-like staccato beat dances atop an incessantly resonant bassline. ‘Invert’ offers a twisted sense of eerie reality with loopy grooves punctuated by playfully vigorous claps and bleeps. ‘Absorb’ closes out the EP pitching ghostly and robotic growls against a harsh industrial backdrop and frantic sweeps that accentuate the potency of his sound. A quality selection of main room cuts, Joran displays his deftness as a producer and his reverence for electronic music.