It seems like waiting for a new Pan-Pot EP is a yearly occurrence, considering the duo’s heavy, globe trotting tour schedule, so to have a follow up from them just four months after their recent ‘Funke’ EP is a grandiose surprise to say the least. Over the span of five flawlessly executed tracks, Pan-Pot deliver a swarm of dance floor destructors of unforgettable moments for the 50th release of their ‘Second State’ label. With a focus on the timeless aesthetic of ”less is more” the duo craft their newest EP focusing only on the essential elements needed to create maximum impact. Kicking things off is the warehouse-ready EP ‘Weltlinie’ where an impeccable equilibrium of abrasive percussion and warm pads forge themselves into a timeless cut suitable for tonight, tomorrow or twenty years from now. Switching gears, ‘Startphase’ sees Pan-Pot at their most recognizable as they deliver a rapid fire tune where a massive sonic barrage of one repetitive sound creates a hypnotic ride into euphoric territories. Quite possibly their simplest track of the EP, ‘Exzentrisch’ follows their minimalist approach as one pattern is played by nearly all the elements, constantly deviating which sound takes center stage, resulting in a monotonous, yet always interesting composition that is sure to boost the energy level of any size room to unfathomable heights. Nearly rounding out the EP is ‘Zeit’ where rapid fire percussion and pitch shifting cymbals set the stage for a wicked lead melody that slowly becomes engulfed by hefty sonic bursts creating the perfect melodic balance for a big room tune. Wrapping up the EP is ‘Freigeist’, and with a nod to their early Perlon influences the two churn out a killer 15 minute journey of organic drums and lush atmospheres ideal for open airs and after-hours. Grab Pan-Pot’s brand new ‘Weltlinie’ EP and stock your Techno arsenal with five killer tracks perfect for any situation you might possibly encounter.