The first part of Pig&Dan’s ‘Tunnel Vision’ EP lands in transcendent style. Since their debut on Drumcode in 2016 with ‘Mexico’, Pig&Dan have firmly established themselves as one of the label’s most vital acts. They’ve dropped four memorable EPs, including a standout four-tracker with Adam Beyer ‘Capsule’, all of which reinforced their uncompromising production standards.

‘Tunnel Vision I’ is this accomplished talent in full bloom and the first of a two-part EP series that will hit across March and April, 2020. Rather than release an album and potentially explore less dancefloor-orientated tangents, the pair opted to present eight tracks the represent their high-impact, euphoric take on techno. The cuts have done damage at events such as Warehouse Project, Drumcode Halloween and Dockyard Festival.

‘Slave to the Rhythm’ hits like a hypnotic steam train, led by crisp drumlines before a massive synth lead comes into view complemented by a muscular bassline. Trippy synths and a propulsive groove give ‘Tunnel Vision’ its bite. ‘Fracture’ marches forward with plenty of low-end technoid swagger, before a synapse-tickling riff delivers a peak-time hit. ‘Traces’ brings proceedings back to earth, creating an evocative technoscape fit for welcoming the dawn.