After a successful year of writing and releasing music, new killers on the scene tau0n teamed up Modarnity to provide a platform for up and coming house and techno producers with the new label. And now they make their debut release on Modarnity with the punishing Creeps and Crawlies EP.

Creeps and Crawlies’s slamming percussion, wonky bass-lines and smooth sexy synths leave nothing to be desired. The deep haunting vocals invoke a feeling of discomfort that you can’t help but sing along with. Creeps and Crawlies alludes to the odd sensations around the reopening of society after the recent pandemic and also that moment where the lights turn on at the end of a night out at the club seeing that fun loving crowd in all their sweaty and tweaked out glory. This tune is a deep slayer that really ‘makes you groove your body.’

NADA is the brainchild of Brasil based rockstar EDU K (DeFalla) and tau0n. It elucidates anger that many found themselves feeling during the pandemic when music was no longer a way to express yourself or gather with likeminded weirdos and punks. NADA boasts a faster BPM than the title tune, a slamming kick drum, classic techno percussion and an acid synth that modulates aggressively throughout the song. Screeching elements fit right in the pocket with the vocal making for a peak time rave banger that truly combines EDU K’s punk background with tau0n’s rock and roll sensibilities.

JTJ comes in last but not least with his remix: a contemporary take on Creeps and Crawlies. The bassline follows the deep melody of the vocals and this remix’s groovy percussion changes the creepy original into a big main stage banger. Squawks and scratches combined with huge deadmau5 inspired chords takes this remix of Creeps and Crawlies out of tau0n’s hands and turns it into a whole new tune that any nightclub and any DJ could use to get the whole floor to ‘groove your body.’

Whether you are a loose groover, techno snob or shuffler this release has all of the above.