Weska treks through adrenaline-pumping terrain on his new three-track ‘Meru’ EP, which serves as the second release to surface on the newly minted Factory 93 imprint.

The titular offering ‘Meru’ sets the pace for the EP’s arduous journey. Right from the jump, every step feels purposeful by design, as the progressive-leaning groove moves briskly and intently through the elements with a do-or-die mindset. The jagged lead forges a path down a level 10 trail, rolling relentlessly across hazy atmospherics, pummeling percussive patterns, adrenaline-boosting basslines and airy synths signaling to the last leg of the climactic hike. It’s a thrill-inducing number that gives meaning to the term “peak-time.”

Wedged in the heart of the package is the aptly titled “Drift,” which finds him scaling back on the swift movement to explore deeper territories. A thudding kick and clacking snare combo ease into a cavernous rhythm, with hissing hats, oscillating textures, and reverberating one-shots pulling the movement further into its brooding ebb and flow. Echoing vocalizations and spacious padlines keep the tension caught in its current, culminating into a heady stream of fluidity meant to sweep crowds straight off their feet.

The closing cut “Let Me Go” switches up the stride in a flawless fashion, rounding out the release with an arresting slice of atmospheric breaks. With a heavy-handed nod to ‘90s rave, the lofty creation couples euphoric-fueled progressions with divine drum programming. Sweeping melody shifts and faint vocal chops are suspended in the soul of the mix, underpinned by a circular charm perfect for all hours of the day.

From top to bottom, Weska’s three-track ‘Meru’ EP not only strings you along for an ambitious trip through his dynamic prowess as a hotly tipped underground artist, but also manages to offer up a first-class ticket to the awe-inspiring experiences he’s cherished from his travels around the world.