Cafe De Anatolia Record Label has recently released an electrifying new single, “Prince of Persia,” which is sure to set the dance floors on fire. The song is a per-fect blend of melodic house, electronic music, and tribal house that creates a per-fect track to start any set.

The track was born out of a rather funny incident that took place during summer 2022 when Serkvin was playing the Zelda: Breath of the Wild game on his Nin-tendo. There was a mission in the game called Vah Naboris, which took place in the desert. During the mission, Serkvin was struck by the sound of the piano, which hit like thunder. This inspired him to find a similar piano sample and start working on the track.

When Serkvin showed the track to Nikita, they both loved the idea, and Nikita found the perfect fitting vocals for the track. The result was a mesmerizing single that takes the listener on a journey to the dunes, riding a horse, and the adrenaline rush that comes with it. Even though the track was inspired by a video game, the name “Prince of Persia” was chosen to capture the feeling it evokes.

The single was so well-received during the Asian tour that people were trying to Shazam it, even though it hadn’t been released at the time. This is a testa-ment to the power of the track, which has the ability to create a buzz even be-fore its release.

“Prince of Persia” is an excellent example of how music can take inspiration from unlikely sources and turn it into a masterpiece. Serkvin’s love for video games and Nikita’s ability to find the perfect vocals for the track resulted in a single that is a true delight for music lovers. The track’s catchy beats, melodi-ous tunes, and captivating vocals make it an instant hit that is sure to dominate the dance floors for a long time to come.

In conclusion, “Prince of Persia” is a must-listen for anyone who loves music that blends different genres seamlessly. The single’s ability to transport the listener to a different world, combined with its catchy beats, makes it a perfect track to start any set. Serkvin and Nikita have truly outdone themselves with this one, and we cannot wait to hear what they have in store for us next.