Shan Nash, an Iranian electronic music producer, has just released his latest track, “Ashoob,” via Cafe De Anatolia. According to the artist’s statement, “Ashoob” is a fusion of organic downtempo with psychedelic sounds and features a traditional Persian musical instrument called Setar.

In describing the inspiration for the track, Shan Nash revealed that the project was finalized at a time when his homeland of Iran was undergoing a turbulent period, with his people fighting for their basic rights. The track’s name, “Ashoob,” which means “Turbulence” in Farsi, reflects the artist’s state of emotions at that time, with feelings of anxiety and chaos inside of him.
“As an artist, I intend to share my inner feelings with my audience through my music,” Nash said. With “Ashoob,” the artist has succeeded in creating a track that is not only a reflection of his own emotions but also a powerful expression of the human experience.

The track’s genre is difficult to specify, as it is a unique blend of organic downtempo and psychedelic sounds. The use of the Setar, a traditional Persian musical instrument, adds a touch of cultural heritage to the production, making it a truly unique and authentic piece of art.

The track begins with a slow, rhythmic beat that gradually builds up, incorporating a variety of intricate layers and textures. The use of the Setar adds a haunting and melancholic element to the track, creating a sense of depth and emotion that is rarely found in electronic music.

The track’s psychedelic elements, on the other hand, add a sense of otherworldliness, creating a surreal and dreamlike atmosphere that transports the listener to another realm. The result is a track that is both mesmerizing and captivating, with a unique sound that defies genre boundaries.

In conclusion, Shan Nash’s latest release, “Ashoob,” is a powerful expression of the human experience, infused with emotions and cultural heritage. The track’s unique blend of organic downtempo and psychedelic sounds, coupled with the use of the traditional Persian musical instrument Setar, creates a one-of-a-kind production that is both haunting and mesmerizing. For anyone looking for a unique and authentic listening experience, “Ashoob” is a must-listen.

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