The Reactivitz makes a return to his label Immersion with a twelve-track album that fully encapsulates his driving style of peak time techno, while also exploring his other influences.

Based in the French city of Lyon, The Reactivitz has been at the forefront of the techno scene in his home country. Playing DJ sets at many of the leading clubs and festivals in France, he has also earned international acclaim for his top-selling productions on labels such as Tronic, Set About, Codex, 1605, Respekt, Octopus and Intec.

Known for his high energy blend of thundering percussion and enthralling melodies he has a dark and charismatic style that has enraptured dance floors across the globe. Supporters of his music range from Carl Cox to Adam Beyer, and this album has allowed him to tell a story that stretches beyond the confines of a few tracks on an EP.

Building with a steady momentum the LP’s opening track “The Past Is Gone” is an intro full of tension that creates suspense from slowly introducing a grinding bass and held chords. Track two “Nothing In My Mind” gets the energy flowing with poignant piano chords and a rolling percussive groove, overlaid with a soulful vocal sample that works as a metaphor for The Reactivitz love of techno.

Switching between styles, the album hits its first interlude with the breakbeat percussion and ethereal chords of “Oracle” before “Anywhere On Earth” takes us back to the realms of techno with its frantic melody synth and ominous bassline.

The album they stays on a steady trajectory as it toys with the listeners emotions by switching between dark and light with tracks like “Delirium” bringing moments of sweet euphoria, while others such as “Comet” submerge us into darkness.

Expertly programmed and put together with precision, this album is a masterpiece of modern techno production, and winds down with the ambient atmosphere and heartfelt piano chords of the closing cut “Full of Hope”.