He doesn’t sleep

Ricardo prefers not to sleep, saying “I don’t like to sleep. Sometimes it’s horrible, it’s always your biggest fears.” But that’s okay. Who needs sleep when you live like him?

He used to play volleyball

Just picture it. VOLLEYBALL. Though he’s certainly got the frame for it. Check out his RA Exchange if you don’t believe us.

He’s seen Depeche Mode 32 times and followed them on tour for 3 years as a teen

He writes 32-minute tracks

And is one of house and techno’s most experimental producers.

He doesn’t hate on EDM

“I can’t condemn EDM or cheesy pop music if the people democratically decided that’s what they want.” What a classy guy.

And he used to (and might still) be INSANELY good at playing the congas

He predicted parts of Net Neutrality and that the Internet would be used to spy on the world before Snowden proved it

“…I wonder where this information is going…the Big Brother idea of George Orwell is a joke compared to what’s happening at the moment…at the moment, Big Brother is coming into your house and fucking your wife, something which is going into your most intimate situations…in the end you will have Facebook, Google, Apple TV and have 6 or 7 providers and have to pay for information, and the internet will disappear…

These amazing photos (and the fact that he probably couldn’t give a shit they exist online)

But as hard as he likes to party, at his core he’s still a family man

And despite all the fame and adoration, he refuses to take himself too seriously

Ricardo. Genius. Living legend. We think this guy agrees…