Italian techno talent Stiv Hey may be young, but has already made big waves in the scene.His music characterized by an accurate mix of fixed bassline, refined dark groove and hypnotizing sounds have been picked up by some of the biggest techno artists like Richie Hawtin , Dubfire , Sven Vath , Marco Carola.Passion and talent has lead Stiv to sign his first EP on Sci+Tec and to release in some of the best techno label of the scene.Stiv is also bringing his sounds in the best club of Europe and worldwide Techno mood had the pleasures to do a interview and here are the answers.

– Hi StivHey! How are you ?
Hey Guys, i’m wonderful thanks 🙂 living the dream ! nice to be talking with you for a while !

– What’s an average day in your life like, do you have any set routines ?
Touring life and routine is a constant battle lol actually is very difficult to keep a routine if you in&out every 3 days.. after few years spent trying to fight for it i understood the best way to manage it is to take it easy and go with the flow, so to answer your question yes i do have my things i do every day like gym or meditation, but i can’t call it my routine, as it is constantly changing.

– What made you get into music production and DJing ?
I was hit by the bass ! litterally ! the first time i experienced a techno party i felt it so much inside myself i knew i couldn’t do anything else in my life (2009, Amnesia Milano, my 18th bday)

– The new track DESCENT on Loose Records is pure banger! Tell us bit about the creative process and what inspired it, does this track have some story behind ?
Thanks ! happy you like it ! All of my tracks come out from me, myself and my studio desk lol I think every track has a story behind it, making a track it’s our artistic way to communicate with the rest of the world. This one in particular come out from some very good gigs i played and the focus in particular on the girls on the dancefloor, reason why i came out adding some more melodies and sexy elements to my music.

– Not long ago you have 2 EP on 303Lovers tell us a bit about the collaboration with Manuel De La Mare how did it happen
Yeah correct ! Manuel is one of my closest partner at the moment, we are running so many projects together. We were introduced by one of my old agents and we felt a strong connection since the very first minute. Now it’s been almost 2 years we are working together and developing a great team, i can’t reveal more about our projects, expect some big things for the near future 🙂

– How the collaboration with Dubfire and SCI+TEC started ?
Very interesting question, it all started with Ali playing some of my tracks and me falling in love with his style and perfection in the mix. So i really wanted to get closer to him and.. it’s exactly what happened. Bum!

– Who are your peak-time tracks at the moment ?
Oh guys, i have so many it’s difficult to pick just a few, i can tell you to watch out these guys Dok & Martin > incredible music coming from them !

– What are your plans for the near future any further releases for us to be excited about ?
Sure, a lot ! The follow up release on Loose Records will be out in March, it’s an Ep named “Memories” and it already got a strong support from Richie Hawtin, there is also a killer remix from the Spektre guys. In march i also have my first Ep on Spartaque’s label CODEX, and i’m really excited about it. I have been so productive in the studio in the last few months i have around 15 new techno banger tracks i’m thinking what to do with (maybe an Album…) + also around 15 tracks in a different style, more proggy with slower beats.. super sexy stuff ! but i still want to work on it more before making it pubblic, for the moment i am producing this music only for me to play 🙂

– Where can we catch StivHey playing ?
Big Tour coming up for 2018 – next shows are going to be in Greece, Finland, Spain, Italy, China, India and more.. stay in touch with my Socials for the full tour dates

– What DAW do you use, Do you have any hardware or VST you like to use and why ?
My favorite DAW is Ableton, favorite Vst are Omnisphere, Diva and Massive. Favorite pieces of Hardware are my Moog Sub 37 and the Virus. Why i use them is because i feel comfortable with them, it’s not important what you use in the studio but how you use it, it’s all about finding the instruments that make yourself feel comfortable with, study them and let them inspire you in the creation process.

– What is your production process like, do you have a specific process to building a track ?
I usually follow a system, i work on a 16/32 bars loop at the beginning and when i start feeling it i open it up into the arrangement, it’s all about to find that groove at the beginning, when it’s rolling then it’s easy to go with the flow.

– Do you buy sample packs if YES any recommended sample pack ?
I don’t really buy them anymore, i did at the beginning so i have a huge collection i pick my sounds from, i prefer to sample sounds myself than sample packs.

– Stiv who is your Favorite synth VST ?
My all time favorite is Omnisphere.

– Do you mix and master your track by yourself ?
– Yes i did all by myself till now also if i am not a mix/master engineer, lately i’m starting to test some studios around to get that boost on the quality.

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